New Photos Up

Good training today guys, especially on D – not a lot of running room. Don’t know about you, but i enjoyed doing more drills rather than play all the way through. Gives us more opportunity to work on stuff.

As promised, there are a few new photos on the site, a couple below and more on the Photos page. I’ll take/add more as the season goes on.

I’ve got a headshot of everyone who attended today, when i get a chance i’ll add them to a revamped Roster page. Any suggestions on what information we want to put next to each photo?

See you all next Sunday, same time, same place.

2 thoughts on “New Photos Up

  • Anonymous

    alrite mate. bad result last nite. good session yesterday think everyone enjoyed it.lets keep the numbers up and with a bit of local advertising get a few rookies.Roll on sunday.

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