Defenders of the Home Turf – Chichester 21/05/06

3-0-1 Unbeaten!

Training 15/01/06

2004 Team Photo

2003 Photos

This team won the league…(somehow):

4 thoughts on “Photos

  • bobby beauchamp

    great work gary. you have been busy over xmas. who cares about the barabarians rivallry mind you they have got priddy mouths. new quote for the list “wot time is it?”. before you answer no its not CHICCO time. lookin forward to Jan 8 especially with my new position as fitness coach, momma somebodies are gonna hurt. HAVE GOOD NEW YEAR GUYS here come chicago bears superbowl baby yeah

  • Anonymous

    Loving your work Gary, almost as sexual as your new boots!!!

    Here’s to a new look Sharks and a new league, can’t wait to get ejected in 2006!!


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