Sharks Success in St Albans Friendly

Well done to all those that travelled to St. Albans on Sunday for friendlies against the Leicester Eagles, Kent Exiles and the St. Albans Kings.

It was a good opportunity to give players valuable playing experience before the new season. Notably, Martyn Emmens got the 3 starts at QB and made some good plays. QB is one of the trickiest positions to get game experience and so I’m sure Martyn benefited greatly from the trip.

Well done also to Scott Wilson, who in only his 2nd friendly tournament made good plays on both sides of the ball.

The results on the day were:

Chichester Sharks 68 – 6 Kent Exiles
Leicester Eagles 20 – 14 St Albans Kings
Leicester Eagles 26 – 20 Chichester Sharks
St Albans Kings 51 – 0 Kent Exiles
Leicester Eagles 40 – 0 Kent Exiles
Chichester Sharks 19 – 6 St Albans Kings

Hopefully we’ll be able to arrange more friendlies before the 2009 season kickoffs.

4 thoughts on “Sharks Success in St Albans Friendly

  • sean wasley

    have the kings git some new players because looks like they have had a few good results congrts to everyone who went i will be back soon.

  • yeah the Kings have had a bit of a recruiting surge – several new players were there Sunday. Guys with speed and good hands too. They will be a much more competitive team next season

  • #83

    It was great playing against you guys. It would great to see you play in an American tourney at some point. The more experience you get the better, but playing some good competition was good for the King’s, even if they are still a far cry from competing against your team.

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