League Update: Leicester vs North Devon

Yesterday the Leicester Eagles defeated the North Devon Dogs in a close fought game in Devon. The final score was 32-29 to the Eagles.

It’s an interesting result, as Leicester have historically been one of our more challenging opponents. Judging by yesterday’s performance, they’re going to be in the thick of it again this year.

The biggest loss for the Dogs yesterday, might not have been the game, but the loss of Johnny Stevenson to injury. Apparently Johnny was involved in an accidental collision that left him with a double nose bleed, a perforated ear drum and a dislocated shoulder. There is no word on how long he will be out, but there is a chance his season – and potentially his playing career – is over.

We wish Johnny all the best and hope he heals quickly. He has been the centre piece of the Dogs game for years now and it would be great to see him back on the field soon.

One thought on “League Update: Leicester vs North Devon

  • sean

    sorry to hear johnnys news get well soon buddy if you read this.if not pass him my best wishes.hope u guys keepin good

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