Friendly vs the Dogs

Thank you and well done to all the players who travelled to Tidworth today to take on the Dogs in a couple of friendlies.

The outcome was 2-0 to the Sharks, with an incredibly close first game ending 28-27, followed by a 47-7 second game. It was good to see the team respond from being behind in the first game, starting our final drive at our 5 with 19 seconds left in the game. Some great passing from Neil and equally great hands from the receivers, resulted in a TD with just seconds left. Rather than settle with the tie, we went for 2 and the win – which we got!

Players today were: Neil, Dayle, Dave, Gary, Toby, Sean and Josh.

Johnny, if you’re reading this, I hope your guys enjoyed the games and got something out of it ahead of your fixtures next week. Good luck with those games.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I threw and completed a pass in a game – woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Friendly vs the Dogs

  • johnny

    Yes was brilliant thank you Gary, the first game was awesome (still cant believe we lost!) and the second game we definitely figured out what our main weaknesses are.
    Will have to do it again soon when we both have a gap in the schedule.

  • Shaun

    Hey guys, Will be back in a few weeks to training as i might be a bit busy until then andi dont have any money and a car so im a little stuck with transport. That should be sorted in a few weeks. Does anyone have a spare ticket for the NFL in london. I can pay straight away.

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