Sharks ready for opener

Well done to everyone who attended our first training camp this weekend at Christ’s Hospital.

Personally, I thought it was a very enjoyable day – not just from a football point of view but also to get to know the team better.

dsc_0005.jpgA huge thanks to Dayle for organising the day – well done to you. And also thanks to Neil and Dave for running their respective parts of the day.

I hope that everyone who attended got something out of the day. I think we’re prepared now for our opening games next weekend.

I have written up a release for the local paper, the Observer, plus sent it to the BAFL league site. I’ve reproduced it here for you:

This past weekend saw the Chichester Sharks hosting their 2008 training camp at Christ’s Hospital, near Horsham.

The camp, run by Head Coach Dayle Kirby, was in preparation for the new BAFL Flag football season that kicks off next weekend, with the Sharks visit to Mildenhall.

The full day camp involved a mixture of classroom and on field elements, and was well attended by existing and new players. The morning classroom sessions included a review of both the offensive and defensive playbooks, before taking to the field in the afternoon to put the learnings into practise.

“This was a great opportunity to get a head start on the season”, said Coach Kirby, “and to ensure everyone is comfortable with the playbook before our first game. We open against the US Air Force team, Mildenhall Mayhem, a team we’re very familiar with from the ESFL. They have a particularly potent offense, so we need to ensure we’re well prepared”.

It’s not too late to join the Sharks for their 2008 campaign, so if you’re interested in playing or volunteering, you can contact the Sharks through the team website – or by email –

dsc_0002.jpgLet’s hope we don’t have to do any more 10 minutes runs any time soon, as that was nearly the end of me. Though that said, even though I ache today, I’m just glad I didn’t suffer like those that ate the dodgy curry afterwards 🙁

Details for next weekend’s trip will be added to site in the next couple of days so check back soon.

Anyone got a comment about yesterday? Add it below 🙂

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