Sharks at MH Cup

The Sharks are competing in the 7 team MH Cup tournament on Sunday 20th January in Andover. There was going to be an England vs Wales return International but the Wales team called off just after Christmas.

The Sharks are sending a depleted squad as a number of players have moved overseas in the last couple of weeks, while injuries and unavailability has also left only a skeleton squad. Speaking the day before the event, newly installed Head Coach Dayle Kirby said “Although we have a number of players missing I have full confidence in the team we are sending out tomorrow. We have to be adaptable with individuals playing on both sides of the ball. This is the kind of resilience and team effort which won us the title last year. We hope to try out a few new things and will use this as a warm up for the forthcoming inaugral BAFL Flag League which I and the rest of the Chichester Sharks are fully behind”.

4 thoughts on “Sharks at MH Cup

  • Dayle

    Well done to everyone who played in yesterday’s highly competitive event! We showed a strong sense of focus throughout the day, and it was very satisfying to avenge our CH Bowl defeat by beating the Eagles in the 3rd place playoff.

    For those who were unable to make it, here are our results…

    Group phase:
    Sharks 21 – 31 Mayhem
    Sharks 35 – 21 Dogs
    Sharks 33 – 0 Cardinals

    3rd Place Playoff:
    Sharks 27 – 7 Eagles

    (The Mayhem were the overall tournament winners with a 20-13 victory over the Voodoo in the thrilling competition final.)

    Just in relation to Gary’s earlier thread about last year in numbers, it’s worth noting that on Sunday we scored an average of 29 points per game – exceeding our 2007 average by 8. We also conceded an average of less than 15 points per game, a reduction of 4. Well done to Neil and Dave for running their respective units so proficiently. A BIG welcome to newcomer and GB and England international Andy Leane. Welcome back to Jon who made some excellent defensive plays, and well done also to Pete, Lambo and Toby for their superb displays!

    Have a good week, everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I had to rush off on sunday without saying goodbye guys – had some kid-related problems at home, but all OK.

    I thought Neil put in one of the most consistently high quality QB performances I’ve seen, with some great vision and decision making.

    And I really enjoyed playing with Andy L too, who brought both a wicked sense of fun and a fierce competitive edge to the team. I hope you’re coming back!

    Well done everyone. cheers, TOBY

  • mike the ninja

    well done the sharks team, i would like say well done to the Outlaws team i thought we played well after most of us coming together late for the tournament.
    really enjoyed the tournament and see you on the footy field soon with my Nottingham 49ers team.
    All the best everyone.

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