Breaker Boys – The true NFL champions of 1925

For those of you who like to read and have an unhealthy obsession with all things football related, you might be interested in a book I’ve discovered called the ‘Breaker Boys’.

It is the story of the Pottsville Maroons, one of the earliest NFL teams, and how they won the league title in their first year in 1925, only to have it taken away by the NFL. They had such a massive impact on the league and helped shaped the sport you watch – and play – today. The forward pass, training, scouting, salary, strategy and teamwork – all shaped in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania.

Its a really easy, interesting read and would be a great way to spend any xmas present money you’re given!

You can buy it by clicking on the button below. This will take you through to Amazon. If you buy it through here then a few pennies will go into the pot to help keep this website running (which would be much appreciated).

If you’re interested, there is a growing movement in Sports and Politics to persuade the NFL to give the title back to the Maroons. Find out more at the official site – – and whilst you’re there why not sign the petition that will be going to the NFL.

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