New Era for UK Flag Football – BAFL Flag

Exciting new plans for flag football in the UK were revealed this week, as BAFL (British American Football League) announced plans for a new flag league.

BAFL Flag will be run and fully endorsed by BAFA (British American Football Association, the UK governing body), providing flag football with the means to expand its popularity and grow as a sport in the UK.

The plan is to attract sufficient local and corporate teams to be able to operate regional conferences in the following areas:

  1. Scotland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. Wales
  4. North East England
  5. North West England
  6. East England
  7. East Midlands (England)
  8. West Midlands (England)
  9. South East England
  10. South West England
  11. London
  12. Yorkshire

Tournaments/fixtures throughout the season will determine regional conference champions. The winners of each division will then be eligible for the BAFL Flag National Championships. The championships will be held in September each year, following a season running from April through to August.

As ESFL Chairman, Neil has been involved in discussions with BAFA recently to ensure our concerns are heard and to share our experiences of running flag football competions in the UK. Consequently, Neil is confident that the plan BAFL are putting in place, is the best option to continue developing flag football in the UK.

2007 has been a difficult year for the ESFL, with a declining number of participating teams, lack of resources and no clear plan for growth, so this move by BAFA is a welcome opportunity for those of us who love the game of flag football.

Therefore, we have expressed our interest in joining the league once the registration process is in place. We expect other teams in our league to do so also. In all likelihood this will mean that the ESFL is no more. However, we’re positive about the future with BAFL Flag.

We’ll talk about this a little more at training on Sunday, including what it means at an individual level. But if you have any questions in the meantime, post them up here.

5 thoughts on “New Era for UK Flag Football – BAFL Flag

  • Anonymous

    why would we run a league that clashes with the kitted league?
    sorry would put this on seniorflag site but still cant get on there.sean11

  • Anonymous

    In what way does it clash with the kitted league? ESFL runs at the same time as kitted league just now anyway. This will allow kitted and flag to run along side one another with each club that has a kitted team hopefully having a flag team too that they can use for development or as a separate team in its own right.

  • Anonymous

    yes it runs at the same time as kitted and look what has happened to the league this year.beleive me i want nothing more than to see the game grow.
    as a sidebar could somebody who can get on the seniorflag site please do me a big favour and put my website address for my charity (st wilfreds hospice) page for the marathon up, just a title like flag football marathon runner.Its
    cheers sean11

  • Mike the Ninja

    Read the report from BAFA on the new way forward for Adult Flag Football with the new conferences, seems like a lot hardwork.
    Can BAFA guarantee there will be enough teams in that many conferences to make it work?
    Not so sure having spoken with a lot of footy players up and down the country over the last few months.
    Congratulations Sharks on winning the ESFL 2007.
    Well done guys

  • Neil


    Please advise by email/text asap on availability for open tournie nr Horsham this Sunday 16th Dec.

    I’ve texted/emailed you about this too.


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