Training is ON this Sunday

Training is on this weekend guys. The season may have finished but there is plenty of football left to play. It would be good to get plenty of people there this weekend as we have had 5 people enquire about joining us this week – i guess thats what an NFL game in this country will do for you!

I shall not be there this week as I get to grips with being a dad to my little Nate, but i I hope to see you all next week.

2 thoughts on “Training is ON this Sunday

  • Anonymous

    hi, afraid i can’t make the next 2 weeks due to family comitments, but will be back after that. Hope those who went enjoyed the Wembley game. Hopefully the NFL will be back in London in the not too distant future. cheers, Toby

  • Anonymous

    Sorry that I wasn’t able to make it today; I hope to be back at training on 18 November. I’m also trying to arrange a friendly tournament for 16 December. With luck, I’ll see the end of this one!


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