Chichester Pigskin Pick’em – Week 1

Following a wild opening weekend of the 2007 season – a weekend with many upsets (that’s my excuse anyway) – here is the league table of Chichester Sharks & Makos pickers.

The top spot is shared by Billy Bromley and Jon Steele-Mills, who somehow managed to predict 12 out of 16 matchups correctly. A fluke I say! I think there must have been a technical error along the way as I seem to have only managed to score 9. I’m sure that will be rectified Week 2!

1. Billy 12/16
1. Jon 12/16
3. Neil 11/16
3. Shaun 11/16
3. Steve 11/16
6. Billy2 10/16
7. Gary 9/16
8. Matt 8/16
8. Thierry 8/16

There are no early games this week, so guys, remember to get your picks in before kickoff on Sunday.

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