Training Weds / Hastings Exhibition

I have heard a number of people saying they are available for Wednesday training this week, so consider it on. Please post here if you’re going to be there.

I think so far Dayle, Mike, Shaun, Sean and Julian have said yes. I will see how my knees are holding up before I commit 🙂


Hastings Exhibition

This is a friendly exhibition tournament against 2 senior mens teams from Hasting (no idea where they have been hiding) plus two corporate teams (not sure if they have played before). It will be good to attend as it may encourage new teams to join the league.

Depending on numbers we may enter two teams, otherwise we’ll follow yesterdays approach with one team. Everyone that comes will get playing time.

Please be at the car park for 8.30 a.m. on Sunday. Please state in the comments below if you are coming.

As Neil is unable to make Sunday, Nick Watson will be making a guest appearance as Sharks QB. Bring plenty of finger tape…


8 thoughts on “Training Weds / Hastings Exhibition

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be there tomorrow too, and I’m also going to be in Hastings on Sunday. Hoping to get my two elusive friends along.

  • Anonymous

    Hi all, How’s it going?

    What are numbers and team(s) looking like being on Sunday?

    Have you found out what the events structue is, as I had I look on several websites and it’s a bit lacking to say the least!


  • Anonymous

    Hi all – i’m still buzzing about last Sunday in Leicester, not only were there some great battles, it was really good fun as well. I’m glad Nick W will be on our side this week, rather than running me into the ground down the sideline with his air balls! Can’t make tonight, but I can come to Hastings. Have a good one tonight guys, and see u sunday – Cheers, Toby

  • Mike the Ninja

    Great training tonight guys in the wet really enjoyed it, cant wait for sunday.
    Have good week see you giuys sunday, great seeing thierry back.

  • Anonymous

    thanks to those for last night good turnouut dispite weather thank for dayle and arthur for coming that far and also great to see thierry back.good luck sunday guys.lets have good turnout next wednesday and on the following sunday, its the last training session before westergate tournie so there will be work to do.sean11

  • Anonymous

    hey, great news to hear Thierry is back training – we’ve missed u mate. Are you, Ewan, and Mike coming to Hastings – if so does that mean we will field both Sharks and Makos? TOBY

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