Wednesday Training?

EDIT SINCE ORIGINAL POST: Due to good response, training on Wednesday is definitely on!


According to the comments on the last post, there are a number of people who are interested in Wednesday (18th) night training this week.

I’m up for a session this week if there are enough people. Can you express your interest here ASAP if you can make it?

So far it seems like the following can make it:

Billy (if he can make it back from his school trip)

Anyone have Luke N’s number?

Who else?

I will text a few others who don’t have access to site to see if there is any interest.

There is not a lot of time, so respond quickly – and don’t forget to check with any others on the team who might be interested.

We need to make a call on this by tomorrow evening.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Training?

  • Anonymous

    I will try very hard to get there on time!!! Am At thorpe park with skl all day tho god dam life is hard 😉 well hopefully see you guys on wednesday
    Billy #18

  • Shaun Parker

    Im so glad that training is on this Wednesday. Cant wait to get there on time yeah guys. The sooner people get there the longer we get. See you tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be there hopefully at 6.15. Does anybody want a weights bench? I need to get rid of mine cos my house is too small. A bargain at £5…

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