Team Rosters

The team rosters for 2007 were announced today at training. They are:

Sharks A –

Neil Henderson
Gary Robinson
Pete Steel
Ben Pulleybank
Andy Ifould
Ashley Grant
James Lambert
Shaun Parker

Sharks B –

Thierry Stein
Billy Bromley
Ewan Sutherland
Michael Sutherland
Rob Love
Luke Nash
Toby Chopra
Steven Robinson

There are a number of other players who yet to be assigned due to injury or absence.

Well done to both Shaun and Lambo for their promotion to the first squad. They have demonstrated their ability, team play and positive attitude throughout 2006 and the beginning of this year, earning themselves a roster spot in the first team.

Roster spots on both teams need to be earned and there will be a number of opportunities throughout the year for players to prove themselves and potentially change teams.

It’s worth noting that both Shaun and Lambo earned their first team place not just through ability but because of their approach to training and teamwork. Shark football is not about ego – its about unity and playing for the team.

Let’s have a great season.

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