Training Next Week

Training on Sunday will be held on the playing fields at New Park in Chichester – the same place as last weekend for those who attended.

To avoid any conflict with the sunday league soccer, we have decided to move the start time forward to

10 am

Please do not be late, we’re having good training sessions at the moment and their is plenty for us to do.

Also, the team line ups will be announced this Sunday – so please make sure you attend.

p.s. Sean and I have discussed this matter and should anyone mention the Superbowl result you’ll get double laps

12 thoughts on “Training Next Week

  • Shaun

    So are you giving us permission to talk about the Superbowl on here or will we get double laps? Tho its deff worth it i think.

  • Anonymous


  • Shaun

    Sounds good to me…. Why not 3 times?

    I was wondering if there are any guys around during the half term to do a little extra practice. Would love to do more drills.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind which Sharks team I’m in as long as Rex Grossman’s not in it. TOBY

    (Sorry, sorry, I just couldn’t resist – I know, double laps. See you Sunday)

  • Anonymous

    lucky i have a good sense of humour.i think some of you guys are gonna make paula radcliffe look like a 200m runner with the amount of running your ganna be doin.

  • Anonymous

    hey gary i think we are gonna get the best turnout for train so far on sunday,gonna get the p*** ripped out of us.

  • Shark 34

    Sean, its very easy to shut them up (apart from the fact they will not be able to breathe after all that running) – we just need to ask one question:

    Where was YOUR team last Sunday??

  • Anonymous

    Actually, you may get your revenge in the worst possible way – My team, the truly stinking Oakland, is the proud possesser of this year’s No.1 draft pick, and I’ve heard rumors we’re willing to trade it (and effectively Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn) to you in return for some half decent ‘O’ linemen (of which we have precisely none) and Rex himself – god help us. TOBY

  • Shark 34

    You’re a RAIDERS fan? How did this go unnoticed????

    You’re a RAIDERS fan and you’re taking the p*ss out of the Bears losing in the SUPERBOWL?!!

    We’re going to have some fun come Sunday!!!!

  • Shaun

    Hell…. When i play my xbox i cant do anything with the raiders. Any other team i can kick ass with but there you go…

    Cant wait til sunday, Really loving these training sessions.

  • Anonymous

    gary have tried to email you but got refused (no swear words either)just to say agree with wot you sent to me.hey toby did you know mickey mouse wears an oakland raiders watch.ha ha

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