The Fastest Shark Known To Man

Thank you to Sean and Julian for organising the first Sharks Combine yesterday. It was good fun (if a little tiring) and nice to be able to compare ourselves to the numbers you see for the guys in the NFL. Suffice to say, I won’t be able to chase down Reggie Bush either…

Aside from the fun side of it, its going to useful to the coaches and team selectors in considerations for the teams this year. We’re looking to put out two competitive teams this year and activities like this can only help us all get better.

We’ll run the tests on a frequent basis and I’ll record the results on the site. Your competition is not with your teammates, but with yourself. Each time you run the 40 you’re racing against your previous performance. We’re looking to see an improvement from everyone as our fitness improves and the season progresses.

If you weren’t at training yesterday, we’ll run the test for you at the next available opportunity so everyone gets a go.

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