NFL Regular Season Game in London 2007

Just in case you haven’t heard, London has been awarded a regular season match up between two NFL teams during the 2007.

The game is likely to be played at the new Wembley and early rumours suggest it could be the New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins.

Here is the new website for the game.

An announcement about the teams and how to get tickets should be made within the next few weeks.

There has been some discussion about players from the Sharks getting together and heading to London to watch the game. If you’re interested in principle let me know here or at training and I’ll see if there is a way for us to get tickets.

As a precaution, I would recommend you register with – the NFL’s british site – as they might offer the tickets to their membership list first. There is no guarantee but its worth a go just in case.

11 thoughts on “NFL Regular Season Game in London 2007

  • Anonymous

    heya gary can u bring the camera to pratice next week plz? so we can get every1 on the team roster in there tops cheers

  • Anonymous

    and id just like to say thanks to sean and jullian for assisting us with our training! it can only improve the sharks game! thanks alot guys.

    shark 99

  • Anonymous

    Cheers Ben, I would like to follow up on Sean comment by saying that I have seen some real talent over the last couple of weeks start to develop and hopefully this will continue.
    Bring your studs and thermals on sunday and be ready to work hard again!!

    See you on sunday guys


  • Anonymous

    i wld just also like to add to bens comment cheers guys for coming out in the cold i can personally say i already feel a better spirit and better game now thx sean and jullian thx u

  • Shaun

    Hey Guys,

    Just thought i would carry on by saying thanks to all of you. Not been with you guys for long but i love playing with you guys. Hope to see you all this sunday.

    Shaun Parker

  • Anonymous

    lets get ther on time sunday guys,its tryout sunday, will be doing some of the drills that they do in the nfl/college sessions. its not as bad as it sounds just a good way of seeing what we’ve got and what we need to work on,everyone needs studs this week.thanks for all the positive feedback hope you are enjoyin it. any ideas or ? just ask.sean

  • Anonymous

    like the sound of that sean, like the new rules that are coming in think the disepline is awesome! the idea of college drills and stuff sounds gd see u guys sunday!

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