Fantasy Football – Results

OK, so my idea of updating you with details of how our league was doing as the season progressed kinda got forgotten. However, its never too late especially as I am…

The Smartest Man Alive!!!!

Yup, I am this year’s Fantasy Football Champion!

It was a very close fought league this year, with several tough teams. I started off really badly, 1-3 in my first 4 games before finishing with 10 wins from 12 games, for a 11-5 record (including the post-season).

Felix also did well, snatching the division title away from me on the tiebreaker as we both ended the regular season with a 9-5 record. He was less fortunate in the semi-finals, with many of his players seemingly deciding this was the week they would take a long nap, costing him a place in the final.

The other Sharks playing did not do so well. Final records for all:

11-5 – Gary

9-6 – Felix

5-9 – Neil

4-10 – Matt

4-10 – Jon

It was a lot of fun this year (esp. if you won!). Hopefully, a few more of you will play next year so we can make it a Sharks-only league.

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