Live Fantasy Draft

For those that are playing fantasy football this year, the Draft is upon us. Wednesday night at 6.45pm you all need to be sat in front of your computers ready to make your selections.

If you haven’t taken a look yet, you’d better pull your finger out and get reading about how the draft works. Basically, the order of who picks when has been determined randomly by Here are the positions of the first round picks for Sharks players:

2nd. Matt (Matt’s Team)
5th. Neil (Highland Warriors)
6th. Felix (Hardstyle Packers)
7th. Jon (Bognor’s Peppered Fish)
8th. Gary (GB Spartans)
12th. Steve (America’s Team) (Cameraman and Honorary Shark)

Depending on position we each make our first pick. Once the 12th selection has been made, the order snakes around, so the person picking 12th also gets the 13th pick. The person picking 11th, gets the 14th and so on. It continues snaking round like this until all the picks are made.

Don’t forget to check how many players at each position you need to pick. Check the rules.

Once the draft is over, you can start tinkering with your team ready to start your opening game of the season – which don’t forget starts on Thursday 7th September this year.

See you in the Draft room tomorrow.

P.S. For the benefit of those not playing but may be interested in seeing how everyone got on, i’ll add everyone’s roster after the draft.

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