Fantasy Football – last chance

Just a quickie – is anyone else on the team interested in joining our fantasy football league this year?

So far I have:

(2 friends from our league the last few years)

If we have five more players we can make it a private league – but you have to have a computer and time to check it on a frequent basis.

Let me know in the next couple of days as we need to book a live draft slot.


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football – last chance

  • Anonymous

    hey gary aint 100% sure what this is but will do it anyway if u can tell me at practice or something or w/e so yh count me in m8 if that ite? thx billy

  • Shark 34

    Hi Alex

    The fantasy league is for Sharks players unfortunately. Would you be interested in joining the team and playing football?

    We have other players who come from the Portsmouth area too.

    Then you can join our fantasy league too.

  • Anonymous blagger

    Thanks CS,

    I am very busy and will have to sacrifice a bit of time to practice, I will look in to it and get back to your site.

    Thanks Alex.

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