Fixtures Calendar – New Feature!

Never forget when the next tournament is ever again – with the all new Sharks Fixtures Calendar!

Yep, no excuses anymore – the new calendar (below and sidebar) will be undated on a regular basis to remind you of any upcoming events.

The great things is, if you take a look now you’ll see a number of tournaments already booked in. So grab a pencil and stick them on your Lucy Pinder or David Beckham calendar now… And never again will you be double-booked come Game Time!

See how good I am to you…

Edit – 28/06/06 – Actually you can’t because i took it down. Nice idea but didn’t quite work. I’ll add a much simpler version later.

2 thoughts on “Fixtures Calendar – New Feature!

  • Shark 34

    the ones on the calendar are the tournaments that are scheduled in by the league so far. We’ll try to make every tournament if we have enough people to make a team.

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