Roster 2006

2006 has seen many changes to the Sharks squad – some longtimers leaving, some old faces coming back and a whole load of fresh blood gracing our playing field to continue the Sharks winning ways.

So much so, that we intend, whenever possible, to enter 2 teams in ESFL competitions. The new guys may go by the name of the Thespians, but they are all Chichester Sharks.


QB Neil Henderson

WR Gary Robinson

WR Pete Steel

WR Ben Pulleybank


LB/DB Felix Wetzel

DB Jon Steele-Mills

DB Sam Coakley

S Andy Ifould

DB Matt Williams

Adam Linley

Ashley Grant

Chichester Thespians

Thierry Stein

JP Walker

Billy Bromley

Ken Holmes

Ewan Sutherland

Jamie Perry



Toby Chopra

Michael Sutherland

James Lambert

Luke Nash

4 thoughts on “Roster 2006

  • Anonymous

    hey ppl this is luke i am offically out for 8 weeks after training on sunday just gone as i now have a broken knee cap from lambo i might turn up to training we will see

  • Shark 34

    OUCH! Sorry to hear that Luke. It did look pretty nasty. See why we said stop playing?!

    Well, I hope it gets better soon. You’ll unfortunately miss the last two tournaments, but will be ready for the new season hopefully.

    Come down to training if you want, you can always get involved with refereeing or something.

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