Chichester Tournament – Sunday 21st May

Good training today everyone – very happy to see such a big turn out, including our 5 new rookies. Things are looking very positive for the Sharks at the moment.

The recent additions now mean we have a squad of 17 players – allowing us to finally resurrect the Chichester Thespians, our mighty B team! Our rookies have gamely thrown their proverbial hats into the ring by entering into next Sunday’s ESFL tournament in Chichester.

That now makes 10 teams taking part:

Chichester Sharks
London Liberty
Team Voodoo
North Devon Dogs
Bournemouth Raiders
Brighton Tsunami
Leicester Eagles
Eastbourne Crusaders
Chichester Thespians

Assuming all teams turn up, we’ll split the teams into 2 groups, with four group matches for each team. The 1st place teams from each group will then play for the title. Then light/weather/teams not going home early allowing, the 2nd placed teams from each group will play for 3rd/4th, 3rd placed teams for 5th/6th etc, etc.

The first games start at 12 noon so can all Sharks and Thespians please turn up at 11am for a warm-up and light practice. The draw will take place shortly before noon.

This tournament is all about having some fun on our home turf. We’ll play hard, have some fun, score some points and hopefully earn some victories. Best of all its the beginning of a new era for Chichester Flag Football.

See you all Sunday – looks to be a good one!

6 thoughts on “Chichester Tournament – Sunday 21st May

  • Anonymous

    thanks for today guys just a message for the new players, well done not the easiest of days but you showed great commitment.look forward to seeing you soon.sean

  • Anonymous

    hey everyone, hope it all went well today. gutted i couldn’t play or get there. as a few of you know today was gonna be my swan song performance for the sharks. my reasons for leaving are these. 1: i’m not enjoying the football anymore as i miss regular football too much and thats what i’ returning too not defecting to anyone else. 2: i’m going through somewhat of an emotional crisis at the mo, i keep breaking down for no reason. i miss you guys already but will see most at my wedding if not before. long days and pleasnt nights jp x

  • Shark 34

    Cheers Sean. Well played today, it was a good final.

    Black’s not your colour Sean, doesn’t look as good as the white and green 😉

    See you soon

  • Shark 34

    Sorry to hear that JP. Hope things sort themselves out for you soon. You’re always welcome to come back whenever you want if you tire of the round ball and fancy picking up the pigskin again.

    Good luck mate

  • WR#84

    Hey everyone

    Good all round effort i think from those new and those more used to the way things run.

    lots of good points taken from today to build on for the new guys looks like most of u are getting to grips with things on the game field.

    As for sharks good to back on winning ways.

    On a slightly different note if i had to pick a team player of the tournie for me it has to be Felix (hope spelt that rite) the main reason being he was blitzing on D all afternoon and still had the energy to bust out yards and get some vital TDs including the winner agaisnt the Eagles.

    Well played again to everyone see you on the training ground sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats guys, it was a good tournament, well done to all the new guys that played, it gets easier the more you train and play so keep at it.

    Hopefully see you in the final on the 11th June ?

    Jut ‘the defective’ Handley

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