Training is ON!!

Hi All,

It’s been an interesting week, but nonetheless training is definitely ON this week. Not only that but we should have a good turnout – including 4 new guys!

See you all there at 10.30am Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Training is ON!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, can’t make it this Sunday as I’m in London but will be able to make it next week if it’s on…

  • Anonymous

    well the 4 new guys never appeared. i was shocked when ben said they were his mates, thought we were his only mates and thats by default. ha ha ha jaffa jp

  • Shark 34

    well one appeared. One of the four was a friend of mine who was ill that day. Expect him next week, along with Ben’s mates hopefully. He also has a few more that have expressed interest.

    New guy Billy is on a team of 20 15/16 yr olds, so we have plenty of potential new players if we can set up an affiliation with the team.

    Things are looking up 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thats great news guys, but where have they all come from Gary ? Like I am expecting you to reply


  • Shark 34

    Its a mixture of places Jut, some are friends of ben’s and mine – people who then know others who might be interested in playing. It’s nothing concrete yet, we’ll have to wait and see.

    This is not a dig at our recently departed but this is what i have been talking about for a while. We only need to bring one player each and we have a Thespians team again. If we don’t put the effort in the team will never grow.

    I think we grew lazy and complacent, content for others to find the new guys. As unfortunate as recent events were, I believe it has spurred people on to do something about it. That and a little bit of luck.

  • Anonymous

    no spell was cast it was my chioce to leave and i asked to join the babas.
    true comments gary and best wishes for the new players.sean

  • Anonymous

    well you’ll be happy to know i’ve put an advert in the friday ads for new players, so we’ll see what comes of that. 😉 jp

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