Next 2 Weekends Update

Right, a few changes to the plans.

Unfortunately, Brighton are unable to get a side together for a scrimmage this Saturday so the game has been postponed to a later date.

Consequently, this late change has meant we cannot switch days and hold training on the Sunday. This is because a number of people already made plans that cannot be changed at late notice.

OK, so when are we playing next?

Don’t worry, the next game is next Sunday. The tournie at Ruislip – home to the newly named London Liberty (formerly UA).

During the coming week I’ll post up travel details (any volunteers for drivers – need 2) once the kickoff time is established.

Players committed so far:


C’mon, who else is up for it? Text me or leave a comment here.


2 thoughts on “Next 2 Weekends Update

  • Shark 34

    Ruislip is near London. I think it took just over an hour to get there last time.

    Can you email me over your mobile number Matt – – so i can keep you in the loop with plans.

    I’ll also post details on the site early next week.

    Good to see you back


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