What price would you pay to go to the Superbowl?

A grand? three? five?

How about 5 years in prison?

That’s exactly what it cost the brother of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Tyrone Carter. The guy had been caught driving with a suspended license and was due to report to prison on Jan. 6 for a six month term.

Except his brother told him the Steelers had a good chance of going to the Superbowl. So he went on the run for a few weeks, before turning up to watch the Superbowl from great seats at the 50 yard line. He also then partied with Snoop Dogg after the game.

Apparently the judge wasn’t too impressed and extended the 6 month sentence to FIVE YEARS!

He said after the hearing,”Even knowing what I know now, I would do it again. It was the greatest game in my life.”


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