Brighton vs Chichester – Scrimmage

On the 1st April we’re hoping to not look like Fools, as the Chichester Sharks play host to the new flag team from Brighton Tsunami for a series of friendly scrimmages.

The Tsunami are a University kitted team looking at the possibility of playing flag in their off-season. Organised by our very own Jut Handley (a student somehow??), the team will be visiting Chichester on Saturday 1st April to play a few games against the Sharks.

This is not a league tournament, just an opportunity for both sides to get some friendly game experience. It is hoped that if the day proves popular we can host regular scrimmages with our neighbours throughout the year.

For Shark players this is an ideal opportunity to run the new playbook in a game situation before we enter the next league tournament (anticipated to be in April).

Those who are able to play (note, this is a Saturday game) please register your interest here or at training this Sunday.

As this is only 2 Sundays away, it is ESSENTIAL that we have a good turn out this coming weekend for training, as we hope to be finalising line-ups and plays.

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