Wet and Wild in Chichester

Anyone dried out yet?

What happened to the recent crisp blue skies?? 3 hours of solid drizzle – what a way to start the year!

Still, we had a good turnout, saw a new face (welcome Michael) and had a good scrimmage before the fingers went blue and we all had to head home.

For anyone that didn’t make it or for those with goldfish memories, we also had a chat about the 2006 season, about getting a little more organised. We covered quite a few topics, including fitness, finances, playbooks and Justin’s fishnet crop top.

Favourite Position

We appointed a few new team positions as follows:

Team Manager: Neil Henderson (like being the league Chairman isn’t enough)
Offensive Captain: Gary Robinson
Defensive Captain: Julian ‘Ejected’ Simms
Fitness Coach: Sean Scutt

I already have 7 new plays drawn up that coincidently feature the Center as the go-to guy…

Player Drive

More to come on this later, but can everyone make an effort to bring a friend or someone from work to training over the next couple of months. Our aim is to build a decent size squad and resurrect the Thespians again this year.

Welcome to G-TV

My apologies for anyone who was hoping to catch a glimpse of my new boots yesterday, I am sorry, I guess I was too much of a blur running past all you D guys…


Welcome Michael – hope the train journey back in your wet, muddy clothes wasn’t too much of a deterrent to you coming back next week? Some studs would be a good idea too 😉

Next Week

Drill time everyone!

Let’s hope the weather is a little better…

Training was pretty serious the first day back (click to view)

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