What is Flag Football?

Want to give Flag Football a go?

No Kit Necessary

For those who have turned up here by accident or those that just want to know what we spend our Sunday’s doing in Chichester, here is a very brief overview of Flag Football…

Flag Football is a (pretty much) non-contact version of American Football. The game is played as 5-a-side and teaches the fundamentals of American Football. The big difference is you tackle by removing the flag (not the head) of the opposition. While the tournaments are competitive, it’s still a Sunday league so the emphasis is on taking part and having some fun – it doesn’t really matter how old you are, how big or small, or how fit or unhealthy (just take a look at the team photos).

It’s a simple game that is quick and easy to learn. You want to know the benefits? OK, try these:

– No full contact like kitted football (you can still move on a Monday)

– No expensive kit is required – all you need is a pair of football boots / trainers.

– We supply the belts and footballs (but feel free to chip in)

– It makes you instantly attractive to the opposite sex*

– 3 hours messing around in the park every Sunday has to be reasonably healthy

– The game is open to males and females of all ages (well, those over 16)

– If you’re good enough you can even play for your country or the UK in European tournaments or even the World Cup

Who wouldn’t want to play??

Quick click here to find out how to get in touch so you can play this Sunday.

* OK, so we lied about this bit. We can’t perform miracles.

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