2005 League Standings

Here are the final standings for the 2005 season:

Leicester Eagles 19-3 – 0.864%
Chichester Sharks 26-7-1 – 0.779%
Barbarians 15-12 – 0.556%
Team Voodoo 4-8-3 – 0.367%
North Devon Dogs 6-17-1 – 0.271%
Chatham Sharks 2-9 0.182%
Eastbourne Crusaders 3-21-1 – 0.140%

To qualify for the final league standings a team must have played in at least 3 tournaments during the year. The positions in the table are determined by the percentage of wins, e.g. Leicester won 19 of its 22 games, which is 0.864%.

Whilst the Sharks played more games than Leicester, we unfortunately lost more, impacting our win percentage. A little unfair perhaps, but difficult to avoid with an irregular number of games per team.

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