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The constitution details how the club is run, the roles and responsibilities of the committee and the rules that all members agree to follow.

The Chichester Sharks American Football Club

v2 5th January 2008

1. Title:

This organisation shall be known as the Chichester Sharks American Football Club.

2. Membership

  • Membership of the organisation is open to all players, coaches, officials and volunteers who have an interest in the furtherance on the objects of the Chichester Sharks American Football Club. It shall be understood that playing members shall be between the ages as specified by League/BAFA regulations.
  • Any person having satisfied the requirements of membership as stated in this constitution and the club rules (these persons being referred to hereafter as club members) shall be entitled to attend any general meeting of the club.

3. Administration:

  • The club shall be governed by an agreed body consisting of individuals elected by a majority at an annual ballot of club membership (thereafter called the Committee, see clause 6).
  • The administration of the Constitution shall be the responsibility of the Club Chairman.

4. Objects:

The objectives of the Club are to:

  • Promote and stimulate the interest of American Football within Chichester and the surrounding areas.
  • Promote, encourage, develop and ultimately provide practical experience of the sport of American Football.
  • Open membership of the Club to anyone regardless of ability, colour, age, race, creed, religion, sex or sexuality.
  • Foster and promote good working practices to all other teams and organisations.
  • Ensure the Club abides by all rules as set by the National Governing Body and its respective Associations.
  • Ensure all Club members abide by the Club, League and National Governing Body and do not bring the club into disrepute.
  • Ensure that the highest standards of discipline are maintained during members’ activities particularly in relation to interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.
  • Provide opportunities to develop social, personal and inter-personal skills.
  • Create an environment, which allows individuals with an interest in administration in American Football to reach the highest possible standards.

5. Jurisdiction:

In furtherance of the Club’s objects, but not otherwise, the Committee may exercise the following powers to:

  • Negotiate and enter into contractual agreements necessary for the furtherance of the objects.
  • Raise funds and to invite and receive contributions.
  • Buy, take on lease or exchange property necessary for the achievement of the objects.
  • Employ staff and/or volunteers as are necessary for the proper pursuit of the objects.
  • Co-operate with charitable organisations, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the objects.
  • Allocate all such property owned, or held in trust, by the group for the benefit of the participants via an organisation with similar objects, if the Club should be wound up or ceases to exist.
  • Effect any policy of insurance that the Committee shall deem necessary.
  • Change the name of the Club, as long as any new name embodies the objects of this constitution.
  • Do all such lawful things necessary for the achievement of the objects.

6. Committee:

  • The Committee shall consist of individuals drawn from the membership having an interest in the furtherance of the objects of the Club.
  • The Committee shall elect individuals for the specific management appointments required, e.g. Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, etc.
  • Appointment to the Committee shall be by ordinary resolution. Membership is open to adults over the age of 18 years, who are players, officials, coaches, volunteers and parents and/or guardians of those under the age of 18 who are benefiting from the objects of the Club.
  • Each member of the Committee shall be entitled to one vote.
  • Membership of the Committee may be terminated by an ordinary resolution of the Committee, provided that the member has had the opportunity to make representations to the Committee, accompanied by an advocate of their choosing, before a final decision is made.
  • The Committee shall have the power to invite such people to the Committee Meetings as deemed necessary to assist in the continued development of the Chichester Sharks American Football Club.
  • The Committee will be appointed at the first Annual General Meeting (AGM), then will be expected to stand for re-election at the next AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) called for that specific purpose.
  • At the AGM elections for honorary club members may be made for services to the Club.

7. Membership of the Committee:

A member of the Committee shall cease to hold office if he/she:

  • Behaves in such a manner as to bring the Club into disrepute or compromises the objects in anyway.
  • Becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury of managing and administering his/her affairs.
  • Is absent without good reason or without the permission of the Committee from three (3) consecutive Meetings. The Committee will carry an ordinary resolution that the position is vacant.
  • Notifies the Committee of a wish to resign.

8. Meetings:

  • The elected Chairman shall call an AGM each year in January, or within 13 months of the date of the previous AGM.
  • The Committee may call an EGM at any time during the year upon giving no less that 14 days’ notice of such a Meeting.
  • The Chairman shall, at the request of at least 51% of the members, call an EGM for the purpose of considering specific matters.
  • In the event of the Chairman not being present, the Committee may appoint a member to act as Chairman for the duration of the Meeting.
  • A quorum shall exist if at least 75% of the Committee members are present.
  • All ordinary resolutions shall be determined by the majority vote of those present with voting rights.
  • Minutes shall be kept of all Meetings and be available for inspection by any Committee member not present.
  • At least 14 days’ notice of the date on which the AGM is to take place shall be given in writing to each member of the organisation.
  • The Annual Reports and Annual Accounts are to be presented at the AGM.
  • Nominations for committee posts can only be heard at the AGM.
  • Any alteration to the Constitution can only be made at an EGM specifically called for that purpose, or at an AGM.

9. Accounts

  • All funds raised by or on behalf of the Chichester Sharks American Football Club shall be paid into a current bank account operated by the board in the names of the Chichester Sharks American Football Club. Cheques drawn from this account must be signed by 2 members nominated to do so from time to time.
  • All funds of the Chichester Sharks American Football Club shall be used only for the furtherance of the objectives.
  • Accounting records are to be kept by the elected Treasurer.
  • The preparation of an annual statement of accounts is the responsibility of the elected Treasurer.

10. Dissolution

The Club can be dissolved at anytime by special resolution. After all debts have been settled all assets shall be transferred to the governing body to be used for the further benefit of those organisations within the sport.

11. Club Rules

  • Acceptance of club membership implies that members must accept and abide by the club Constitution and Club Rules. Any members found to be in breach of any part of the Constitution and/or Rules will be liable to disciplinary action by the Committee.
  • Any member under threat of disciplinary action shall have the right to a personal hearing at a Committee meeting with the right to ask for an adjournment.
  • The Committee shall inform the member or members concerned of the intention to discuss disciplinary measures against them at least seven days before the hearing, and within one month of the incident.
  • The Committee shall have the right, on reasonable grounds, to suspend from any club activity any player or club member without notice.
  • Any club member is liable to disciplinary action for unsportsmanlike conduct or bringing of the club into disrepute whilst on or off the field of play or during any social function.
  • Failure to reply to the Committee regarding any disciplinary hearing will render the member liable to such action as the Committee sees fit.
  • All members must also abide by the rules and regulations of the sport’s governing body and any league(s) it may be affiliated to.
  • All adult members must comply with the requirements of the organisations Child Protection Policy.
  • Each member shall be required to pay such subscriptions as decided by the Committee.
  • In addition players will be asked to pay fees for hosting/playing games/tournaments, and a percentage of the travel costs to away games (based on the total cost divided by the previously confirmed number of passengers).
  • Additionally all club members MUST pay the designated league(s) registration and insurance fees personally.
  • Only club members who are insured and registered with the league(s) as mentioned above shall be able to play in league matches.
  • The coaches are responsible for team selection providing those players are eligible to play according to the club Constitution and Rules, and the respective league(s)’s rules.
  • Team sideline staff and club officials’ discipline shall be the joint responsibility of the coaches and the Committee.
  • All players and coaches should make their BEST EFFORTS to attend training sessions. The club concedes that players may be unavailable due to ill health, injury or domestic/work commitments. Players unable to attend training sessions or matches should notify ONE OF THE COACHES OR CLUB SECRETARY at the EARLIEST POSSIBLE MOMENT. Attendance will be recorded for every session. The coaches/committee reserve the right to select the team/base playing time on prior attendance at training sessions where necessary.