Training tomorrow (10th) has been cancelled due to not being able to find the pitch under all the snow.

The Council have cancelled all bookings so there isn’t much we can do, even if we could play on skis.

Hopefully all will be okay to start 2010 training next week.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Chichester Sharks!

2009 was a good year for the Sharks, finishing 2nd in the English Conference and 4th overall in Britain. However, we’re aiming to go further in 2010, with a shot at the British title.

To do that we’re going to need a strong off-season and the addition of some new players. So if you new to this site and are interested in playing please get in touch – you’re more than welcome. Open to all levels of experience.

If you already play for the Sharks, have a chat with your friends and see if anyone fancies giving it a try  Рat the very least as a healthy start to the year, but hopefully to join us for the 2010 campaign.

See you all at training!