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Needing to win both games to stay in the playoff hunt, the Sharks answered the bell last Sunday with victories over the Hampshire Thrashers and Coventry Jets.

Due to the loss to the London Rebels the previous weekend, it was essential Chichester win out all their remaining games to have a chance to compete in Doncaster in early September.

Aware of the need to start fast, the Sharks came out blazing against the Thrashers on both sides of the ball. While QB Neil Henderson was busy throwing EIGHT TDs, the defense was relentless in their pursuit of the Thrashers’ QB, forcing 6 interceptions. The main recipient of an aggressive blitz was defensive back Mike Thompson, who snared 4 errant passes, running back 1 for a touchdown. Not content with scoring 6 points, the Defense racked up another two as seventh string linebacker, Gary Robinson, sacked the Thrashers QB in the endzone for a safety.

On Offense, receivers Scott Wilson and Gary Robinson grabbed 2 TDs apiece in their race for the top slot of the scoring table, but were out done on the day by Josh Amis, who racked up 4 TDs with a stunning display of receiving and running after the catch.

Notable in this game, was Bruno Bergamaschi achieving a stat in each of the three categories – passing, receiving and defending – with an extra point catch, an interception and a 1 pt conversion pass as a quarterback – a first for this season.

The second game was always going to be a tougher matchup. The Jets are a good team and were returning a number of players who were not available in the Sharks victory the previous weekend.

With both teams playing good defense, the scoring was destined to be low. True to form, both offences struggled in the first half, until a gimpy Simon Merton was able to break the deadlock with a long TD from Henderson. There was to be no blow out with this one though as the Sharks were unable to stretch out any comfortable lead. A nice TD grab in the back of the endzone by Dayle Kirby took the score to 12-6 to Chichester, followed shortly after by a score from Gary Robinson to give the Sharks a precious advantage late in the 2nd half. Despite a consolation score by the Jets, the Sharks were able to run out the clock, 18-12 winners.

Next up, on Sunday 23rd August we have our final home games of the season against the St. Alban Kings and (hopefully) the Kent Exiles. The games are due to start at 11 a.m. and will be played at Oaklands Park in Chichester.

The Sharks need to win these remaining games and hope that the London Rebels slip up in one of their remaining games, including one against the unbeaten Leicester Eagles. If that were to happen the Sharks would make the playoffs.

BAFL Flag '09 - English Conference

Leicester Eagles141400462157+3051.000
Chichester Sharks141130395208+1870.790
London Rebels141130368228+1400.790
Coventry Jets14770350319+310.500
South Wales Warriors14581257367-1100.390
Hampshire Thrashers143101192272-800.250
St. Albans Kings143110259537-2780.210
Kent Exiles14014056251-1950.000


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