Sharks Sweep Warriors

Just 7 days after a very wet encounter with the Warriors on their home field, the Sharks swept the series against the Welsh with an emphatic 46-13 victory in Winchester this past Sunday.

Having quickly fallen behind by 2 scores last week, we were again on our heels early on as the Warriors used their speed and elusiveness to break tackles and score on a quick slant that went the distance. Confidence in our ability to come back – as proven last week – meant a calm Sharks O went to work, and quickly started racking up the scores.

With a few Offense regulars unavailable for the fixture, new faces stepped up and made their mark. Most notable was James Taylor, who used his his most extensive time on O this season to haul in 3 TDs and 1 XP. In his 3rd match of the season, Pete Steel jumped up the scoring leader board, with 2 TDs (1 XP), to make it 3 on the season. QB Neil Henderson had a good day directing the Offense, throwing 6 TDs and 0 picks.


With Chichester’s lead stretching as the game wore on the Warriors began taking more risks to close the gap. The Sharks D took full advantage, picking off two errant passes (Mike Thompson, Neil Henderson) and sacking the QB twice (Taylor, Steel).

To cap off the game, C/WR Gary Robinson ran in his 2nd rushing TD in the space of  a week, to end the game 46-13. As uncommon as rushing scores are in Flag that may well just be a Sharks record!

That was the only Sharks game that counted towards the league standings on Sunday, as the Kent Exiles had pulled out earlier in the week due to lack of players (which is a bit lame when your kitted team has the week off).

Instead the Sharks played a friendly against the Hampshire Thrashers. Martyn Emmens took the QB slot and directed the Sharks to an enjoyable (32-13 Neil?) win. All 3 QBs (inc. Bruno Bergamaschi who led a scoring drive in the Thrashers game) played very well on the day, which bodes well with the imminent arrival of Henderson Jnr.!

The Sharks victory over the Warriors jumps them up to 2nd in the English Conference.

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Next up London Rebels and Coventry Jets this weekend – 01/08/09 (NOTE: this is a SATURDAY game)

It rained a bit in Wales…

Jumpin' in the Rain

It was unorthodox but the conditions meant the 'carrier bag catch' technique was a necessity

Well done to everyone that played in our two league matches this weekend in Wales.

To say that the conditions were not ideal would be an understatement. Despite frequent heavy rain throughout both matches, everyone played hard and focused. I think I speak for everyone when I say we were disappointed with the result against Leicester, but we should all be proud of how we played.

For anyone reading this who was not there, we narrowly lost 31-25 to the Eagles, with their final score coming right near the end of the game. We had taken the lead part way through the 2nd half but were unable to stop the methodical but impressive Eagles Offense. Leicester are looking on top form this season and we pushed them all the way and we should be pleased with how we played.

It probably had something to do with the disappointment we felt at losing the first game but we came out flat against the young Warriors team in our next game. Before we knew it we were 13-0 down part way through the 1st half. Crucially we continued to play our game and not panic in the face of the deficit. Both the D and O started to click and first we drew even, before dominating the second half of the game, finishing the game 32-13 victors.  Full credit to the Defense, the Warriors did not score another point after their 13 point lead.

I’m sure there will be some other recollections from those that played, but the over riding impression I took from the day was the total team effort that went into both games. Every single person made plays.

One of the most spectacular plays, has to be said, came from Pete Steel who made a stunning TD catch that was a perfect display of how to drag your toes to stay in bounds.

On defense, Dayle was a bit of a demon, flying all over the field, batting passes down left, right and centre. There was some speculation that he just wanted to get muddy, a feat he achieved in warm ups alone.

Oddest play was probably Martyn’s pin point catch-and-sit-down right on the half way line to pick up an important first down!

Anyone else have any highlights to share? From a personal perspective, I really enjoyed the two games and was pleased I was able to make some plays – I’m still smiling about that last score – our first rushing TD in over a year!

Stats from the day:

Eagles 31 vs Sharks 25


Neil 4 x TD pass, 1 x 1pt XP thrown, 2 x INT thrown
Pete 2 x TD rec
Gary 2 x TD rec
Scott 1 x 1pt XP catch

Sharks 32 vs Warriors 13


Neil 4 x TD pass, 2 x 1 pt XP
Scott 2 x TD rec
Pete 1 x TD rec
Gary 1 x TD run, 1 x TD rec, 1 x 1pt XP catch
Bruno 1 x 1pt XP catch


Dayle 1 x INT

Complete individual statistics can be found on the Player Stats

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tony the Misfit

Tough Schedule Run Starts This Sunday

This coming Sunday sees the Sharks begin the first leg of what could be a difficult four week run of 8 BAFL Flag fixtures.

Due to the late start of the season this year, we have a stockpile of games to play mid-season, starting with 2 away games this Sunday in Cardiff. We’ll be playing against league new boys South Wales Warriors and the old ‘enemy’ the Leicester Eagles.

The next three weeks will then see us travel to Winchester and London, before playing the first of 2 August home tournaments in Chichester.

View the full schedule.

Check back after Sunday to see how the Sharks fared.

Player Stats to date

Following games against Leicester, London, Hampshire and St. Albans to start the season, we have the first player stats table available.

Whilst Neil is uncontested in the passing category, the leading receiver competition is hotting up. Leading the pack is veteran Simon Merton with 4 scores, separated from 2nd place receiver Scott Wilson by merit of his 4 XP to Scott’s 2. Rounding out the top 3 is the 2nd old boy, Gary Robinson (me) with 3 scores.

The defense is looking particularly impressive this year, with 3 players with picks, including one returned for a score from Martyn Emmens. Josh Amis is off to a great start in his rookie season, notching 4 sacks, 3 of which have resulted in safeties.

Passing Statistics '09

Player NameGmTD1 XP2 XPINTTotal
Neil Henderson125128012334
Martyn Emmens12320020
Gary Robinson1210006
Bruno Bergamaschi701001

Receiving / Rushing Statistics '09

NameGmRec TDRush TDRec 1XPRec 2XPTotal
Gary Robinson121229093
Scott Wilson111102068
Simon Merton9907061
Pete Steel4802050
Josh Amis7502032
James Taylor12302020
Martyn Emmens12203015
Sean Wasley4201013
Bruno Bergamaschi710107
Dayle Kirby410006
Neil Henderson1210006
Mike Thompson900101
Ben Mortensen200101

Defensive Statistics '09

Player NameGmINTINT TDSacksSafeties
Mike Thompson96100
Bruno Bergamaschi75000
Josh Amis73053
Dave Lee123020
Dayle Kirby42000
Martyn Emmens121100
Neil Henderson121010
Sean Wasley40020
James Taylor120020
Gary Robinson120011
Pete Steel40010