Former Shark Update: Matt Williams

Many of you will remember Matt from previous seasons with the Sharks and will be aware thMatt Williamsat he is now playing kitted football with Sussex Thunder.

This week Matt played an instrumental part in the Thunder’s win over South Conference rivals the Norwich Devils. Behind 6-0 in the first half, Matt scored a 4 yard touchdown to tie the game up. Thunder never lost the lead from that point and went on to win 20-6.

Read the full game report here.

The Thunder have a gap in their schedule soon, so Matt will be attempting to come down soon to join us at training.

Well done, Matt, on your season so far.

Next Tournament: vs Leicester and Coventry

Just to draw your attention to the date of our next tournament – 13th July in Leicester.

We’ll be playing against the Leicester Eagles and the Coventry Jets. Both teams are currently undefeated, so it would be good to take our strongest team possible. Therefore, please every effort to ensure you’re available for this trip.

There is no training next Sunday (29th June), so please attend the week after (6th July) for our final tournament preparation.

Well done to all those who trained today, it was an enjoyable session and very hot. I have the sunburn to prove it! Welcome to Martyn, who joined us today – I hope you enjoyed the session and hopefully we’ll see you back on the 6th.

Start your own american football team

Do you love American football? Do you wish you could play American football? Do you wish you had a local American football team? If the answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes, what are you waiting for?

Start your own American football team.

If that sounds slightly ridiculous, think again. Starting an American football team doesn’t have to be that difficult – there is an easy route. Flag football.

Flag football is American football without the helmets and crunching tackles, but all the fun of passing, catching and galloping runs. What’s more, flag football doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as kitted American football.

To play flag football, all you need is an American football, flag football belts, a patch of grass and a bunch of mates. If there are 10 of you, great, you can play a game amongst yourselves. Even better, if you have at least 5 players, you can join the British American Football League and compete in BAFL Flag.

The flag football league has teams across the UK, including Cardiff, Manchester, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Coventry, Leicester, and several in London, amongst other places.

New teams are always welcome, so why not start your own?

What next?

In the first instance, join the BAFA Flag Facebook group – it’s a great place to ask questions and get in touch with the league organisers.

And if you want any help with coaching, get in touch with us at the Chichester Sharks. New teams are welcome to come train with us to help get to grips with the rules and techniques. We can guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll learn some useful stuff for your new team.

So, get your boots on!

Flag Football Friendly vs Peter Symonds College

If anyone is interested in playing a friendly versus the students of Peter Symonds College in Winchester on Thursday 10th July please contact Dayle asap. The aim is to start between 5pm and 5.30pm.

This will be the 2nd time we have played the students this year and it was a lot of fun for those who took part previously.

Let Dayle know if you’re available

Training ON this Sunday

Just to confirm that training is this Sunday – 22nd June. It would be good to see as many of the squad there as possible, as we have a two big games coming up, going against unbeaten teams, Leicester (1-0) and Coventry (2-0).

Also, hoping to have a couple of new players come along – one former Voodoo player and another a former QB for Southampton Stags / Cardiff Cobras.

For existing players, please remember to bring your quarterly sub money (£6) on Sunday, as I have bills to pay!

See you Sunday


If you have come to this site because you’re looking to play flag football or american football, but don’t live anywhere near Chichester, then check out how to start your own american football team.

35 Stadiums in 1 Season – and a wonky finger

Check out this flag football player’s finger…

The wonky finger belongs to a guy called Adam, who lives in London, but will soon be embarking on an awesome trip to the States to take in EVERY NFL stadium. He has sold his flat to pay for the once in a lifetime trip.

Not only does he get to see 35 games – but he’s a smart guy – he’s a Bears fan!

Take a look on his site to see the schedule of games he’s attending.

Read about how he did his finger here – Ouch

Updated Player Stats

I’ve finally got round to adding up all those touchdowns we’ve been scoring and added a new Player Stats section to the site. Take a look to find out who tops the different categories.

No prizes for guessing who is leading the QB stats, but who do you think is our leading scorer so far? There are four receivers with more than 5 TDs. And yes, that’s not a typo – we do have a rushing score!

Last and certainly by no means least, the D is looking pretty special so far – 2 TDs, 10 interceptions and 3 safeties!

So who will be leading come seasons end??!

League Update: Leicester vs North Devon

Yesterday the Leicester Eagles defeated the North Devon Dogs in a close fought game in Devon. The final score was 32-29 to the Eagles.

It’s an interesting result, as Leicester have historically been one of our more challenging opponents. Judging by yesterday’s performance, they’re going to be in the thick of it again this year.

The biggest loss for the Dogs yesterday, might not have been the game, but the loss of Johnny Stevenson to injury. Apparently Johnny was involved in an accidental collision that left him with a double nose bleed, a perforated ear drum and a dislocated shoulder. There is no word on how long he will be out, but there is a chance his season – and potentially his playing career – is over.

We wish Johnny all the best and hope he heals quickly. He has been the centre piece of the Dogs game for years now and it would be great to see him back on the field soon.

Friendly vs the Dogs

Thank you and well done to all the players who travelled to Tidworth today to take on the Dogs in a couple of friendlies.

The outcome was 2-0 to the Sharks, with an incredibly close first game ending 28-27, followed by a 47-7 second game. It was good to see the team respond from being behind in the first game, starting our final drive at our 5 with 19 seconds left in the game. Some great passing from Neil and equally great hands from the receivers, resulted in a TD with just seconds left. Rather than settle with the tie, we went for 2 and the win – which we got!

Players today were: Neil, Dayle, Dave, Gary, Toby, Sean and Josh.

Johnny, if you’re reading this, I hope your guys enjoyed the games and got something out of it ahead of your fixtures next week. Good luck with those games.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I threw and completed a pass in a game – woohoo!