Results Tables Updated

I’ve updated the league tables following a number of games in Scotland this past weekend. The results are as follows:

Aberdeen 25 – 27 Dundee

East Kilbride 19 – 35 Aberdeen

East Kilbride 25 – 33 Dundee

Aberdeen 25 – 20 East Kilbride

Lanarkshire 39 – 33 Glasgow Hornets

Looking at the table below, the early front runners in Scotland are the Kirkcaldy Bulls – one of the strongest British teams of recent years. They have got off to a cracking start, averaging 50 points a game on Offense!

In England, Mildenhall are matching the Bulls pace, closely followed by our very own Sharks! We’re currently averaging around about 40 points, whilst only conceding 10. A great start and something that we can hopefully build on throughout the rest of the season. Starting in 10 days with our trip to Devon to face the Dogs and the Kings.

Flag Football Videos – Youtube

The game film from our matches against West Kent Wing Dings and Kent Exiles are now available on here and Youtube.

As the matches are longer this season, I’ve had to cut the games into halves, as Youtube limit the video length. Most of our flag football videos are now available from our Film Room, but here is a taster to start you off:


More flag football videos here

Clean Sweep for Sharks in Kent

Well done to all that played in our Kent matches yesterday. Everyone played really well and our 2 victories were a total team effort. Both sides of the ball dominated yesterday – we racked up 105 points and conceded just 6!

The two Kent teams were a bit of an unknown to us, and whilst new boys West Kent are obviously still learning the game, the Exiles could be a threat to teams with their squad size and experience of the kitted game.

So it was particularly pleasing that we came away with 2 victories and in such impressive fashion. Before I get into the scorers, a special mention must go to the defense yesterday. Despite the fact we were missing a few players, those that played did an outstanding job! To concede 1 TD in two 40 minute games is impressive.

There were very few missed tackles, 3 safeties against the Exiles (2 from Dave!), a sack from Tom, a great lunging tackle from Neil to save a TD (though it was from his pick!)  and 2 interceptions from Jon – who played a blinder on both sides of the ball yesterday.

Here are the scorers from each game:

vs West Kent

Neil 10 TDs – 7XP – 1XP INT

Dave 1 TD – 1XP

Jon 2 TD – 1XP – 2 INT

Toby 1 TD – 1XP

Gary 1 TD – 1XP

Sean 3 TD

Tom 2 TD – 3XP – 1 sack

vs Kent Exiles

Neil 5 TD – 2XP – 1 INT – sacked 1

Dave 2 safeties

Tom 2 TD – 1XP

Jon 1 TD

Gary 1XP

Sean 2 TD

Special mentions:

Toby on his first touchdown – great catch and run – followed up by a fantastic grab for the XP-  check the video

Jon – great hands and running – especially on his uphill slog, weaving through the Exiles, before being chased down at the 2

Sean (5 TDs) & Tom (4 TDs) – great performances as starting receivers

Ricardo – welcome to the Sharks – a great defensive performance, strong tackling and command in the huddle

Here is the report sent to the paper:

Clean Sweep in Kent


The Chichester Sharks travelled east on Sunday to take on the Kent Exiles and West Kent Wing Dings in the BAFL Flag league.


Chichester Sharks 67 – 0 West Kent


West Kent’s lack of experience was evident from the outset, as Chichester racked up 3 quick scores from QB Neil Henderson to Tom Newbery (2) and Sean Wasley to dominate the first half, entering the break with a commanding 20-0 lead.


Eager to capitalise on their lead, the Sharks came out firing in the 2nd half, notching up touchdowns from Wasley, Dave Lee and Toby Chopra. 41-0 down and desperate to get back in the game, West Kent started forcing passes in a valiant effort to respond. Things got worse, however, as Chichester’s Jon Steele-Mills intercepted an errant pass, his 2nd of the day, to snuff out any chance of a West Kent comeback.


With the game in hand, the Sharks closed out the scoring with 2 long scores from Gary Robinson and Steele-Mills.


Chichester Sharks 38 – 6 Kent Exiles


With a more experienced opponent in the Exiles, Chichester were prepared for a tough 2nd game.  Kent moved the ball well on their opening drive, but a great effort by the Sharks defense stopped the Exiles short of the goal line.


Eager for a quick score, Henderson spread the ball amongst his receivers, hitting Robinson and Steele-Mills for gains before finding Wasley in the corner of the endzone. The Exiles hit back immediately, with their QB throwing a long bomb to the 2-yard line, before a short shovel pass into the endzone for the score.


Keen to open up a gap on their opponents, the Sharks put together 2 scoring drives to enter the half leading 23-6.


Wary of Kent’s big play potential, the Sharks defence stiffened in the 2nd half and stopped the Exiles short each drive. Capitalising on the defense’s stellar play, the offense sealed the game with touchdowns to Newbery and Steele-Mills.


Sharks’ next games: May 11th vs North Devon, vs St Albans


Film highlights of Sunday’s game, can be viewed online at Contact if you’re interested in playing.


The only downside to the day was the lack of respect from the Exiles management, deciding to send players a couple of hours late, which resulted in them forfeiting the game against the Wing Dings.

Anyway, as usual, please add your comments below – let us know your highlights (not my juggling catch) .

The video of the game will be added later, but for now here is our team photo (not the one going in the paper…):


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New Fixtures List Released

Finally, after much work by Neil coordinating with other teams, we now have a finalised fixture list for the 2008 BAFL Flag football season.

The Sharks will play each of the following teams twice this season:

Coventry Jets
Kent Exiles
Leicester Eagles
Mildenhall Mayhem
North Devon Dogs
St. Albans Kings
West Kent Wing Dings

We have already kicked off the flag football season with a narrow loss to Mildenhall and the victory over St. Albans, but here is the Sharks’ fixture list in full (home team in bold):

Sun 6th April – vs Mildenhall Mayhem + St. Albans Kings
Sun 20th April – vs West Kent Wing Dings + Kent Exiles
Sun 11th May – vs North Devon Dogs + St. Albans Kings
Sun 13th July – vs Leicester Eagles + Coventry Jets
Sun 3rd August – Home vs North Devon Dogs and Kent Exiles
Sat 16th August – vs Coventry Jets + West Kent Wing Dings
Sun 24th August – Home vs Leicester Eagles and Mildenhall Mayhem

Our next match is just a week and a half away, with a trip to Kent to take on the two local teams.

The other flag football teams competing in the BAFL Flag league this year are in the Scottish conference. They are:

Aberdeen Oilcats
Carluke Cobras
Dundee Storm
East Kilbride Pirates
Glasgow Hornets
Glasgow Tigers
Grangemouth Broncos
Kirkcaldy Bulls
Lanarkshire Steelers
West Coast Trojans

We won’t be meeting them in regular season play, but there is a chance to go up against them if we make it to the playoffs in September.

Please make sure you’re free to play in all our regular season matches!

Strong start for Sharks

Well done to all the guys that struggled through the snow to Mildenhall yesterday, to kick off the Sharks 2008 season. I’m gutted I couldn’t make it (the boy is now fine btw). By all accounts you put up a good fight and gave the Mayhem a run for their money. Just a shame they went and ruined it for you with a last second TD.

Extra nod to the performance of two new guys, Sean and Tom (well kinda new in Tom’s case), who both racked up a couple of scores apiece, with some great catches.

I also hear there was a 2 length-of-the-field TD performance from our ‘retired’ Coach Kirby. That would have been fun to see.

It’s a little hard for me to write the day up (not being there), so Neil has chipped in with this match report:

The Chichester Sharks played their first games of the inaugural BAFL Flag League after battling through the snow to get to RAF Mildenhall and in their first game they faced league favourites the Mildenhall Mayhem. The Sharks took the lead with a Neil Henderson pass on 4th down to Tom Newbery to get the Sharks first points on their opening drive of the new season and the XP made it 7-0. Mayhem scored a TD but couldn’t convert and trailed 7-6. Mayhem scored another TD but couldn’t convert the 2pt XP and led 12-7. Sharks retook the lead 13-12 with the misses XPs by the Mayhem starting to tell.

In the second half a short pass for the Mayhem turned into a long score as several missed tackles by the Sharks Defence made it easy for the Mayhem. A converted 2pt attempt made it 20-13 to the Mayhem setting up an exciting end to the game. Inside the 2 minute warning the Sharks drove down field and a third TD pass by Henderson found rookie receiver Sean Wasley in the endzone. The XP was successful and the score was tied at 20-20.

Unfortunately for the Sharks there was still more than a minute on the clock and this was just long enough for the Mayhem to drive downfield and on fourth down scored a short TD to take the vital late lead, again the Sharks D was able to stop the XP.

The Mayhem had used the clock well and left the Sharks only 12 seconds to try and salvage something from the game, two short passes which stopped the clock left one second on the clock and half the pitch to cover and a TD needed to tie the game. The Mayhem did not blitz and the Hail Mary pass by Henderson was launched into the End Zone. The ball was tipped by a couple of Sharks players but was eventually intercepted by the Mayhem as time expired and snubbing out any chance of a last second score. Final score Mildenahll Mayhem 26 Chichester Sharks 20.

In their second game of the opening day of the season the Sharks faced new team and unknown quantity the St Albans Kings. The Sharks did get to see the Kings play the Mayhem which gave they some idea about what they faced. While the Mayhem ran out easy winners over the Kings 76-6 the Sharks couldn’t afford to be complacent.

The Sharks won the toss and started with the ball on their own 5yd yard line and went to the air straight away with England and GB quarterback Neil Henderson hitting rookie Sean Wasley for the second time on the day for the long early TD. The potent Sharks offence continued to pile on the pressure and added scores by Pete Steel, Tom Newbery and 2 by new Head Coach and player Dayle Kirby. A poor Sharks pass led to a Kings interception which was returned deep downfield and subsequently leading to a Kings TD which left the Sharks 33-6 ahead at the break.

A couple of injuries to Kings players left them with only 4 players and while they could have carried on the Kings coach chose to call the game so as not to incur any further injuries. Although this stopped the Sharks scoring more points and getting back some of the points difference that the Mayhem had earlier enjoyed they were still happy with the win.

GB Lions and new Sharks Head Coach praised all of his players on what was a tricky day. He said after the game “After the pre-game problems we encountered, in arranging the fixtures, last minute player call offs and battling through the snow on the way to the ground, I was delighted by the teams performance. Every player made a positive contribution to the team. Even when we went behind everyone pulled together to try and get the win but it wasn’t to be. We couldn’t of started with a harder game than that against the league favourites but our performance shows we will also be a team to contend with”.

I shall be adding the scores and stats from the matches to the site later this week – as well as the remaining fixtures if we manage to get them finalised this week!

Please do add any comments about the weekend below – it would be nice to hear what others thought.

See you at training on Sunday!

BAFL Flag kicks off with Sharks vs Mayhem & Kings

It’s finally here!

This Sunday, after considerable planning and practice, the 2008 BAFL Flag season kicks off with the 2007 ESFL Champion  Sharks taking on the Mildenhall Mayhem and St Albans Kings in a double header.

The Mayhem are hosting the event at the US Air Force base in Mildenhall.

The Sharks will be traveling with a squad of 10 players.

Please can all Chichester area players meet at the usual car park at 7.30 a.m. PROMPT. Bring along your white Sharks shirt, plus any spares if you have them. We’ll be playing on grass so don’t forget your studded boots.

Toby and Neil and driving from Chichester, so if you’re a passenger don’t forget some petrol money!

Dayle, Dave and Sean will be making arrangements from Horsham.

See you all on game day!