Flag Leaders Award this weekend

This weekend the Chichester Sharks are pleased to be hosting a NFL Flag Football Leaders Award day for individuals looking to achieve their coaching qualification ready for the inaugural 2008 BAFL Flag season.

The course is to be held on Saturday 23rd February at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex. Run by Accredited Tutor, Philippe Crisp, the course involves both practical and theoretical elements, and participants require no previous coaching experience.

The Leaders Award is the basic level coaching qualification recognised by BAFA. Each team must have at least one member who holds (at least) this level of qualification, on the sidelines of league games this year.

Seven members of the Chichester Sharks squad will be participating, along with a number of others, including representatives from fellow BAFL Flag clubs, Mildenhall Mayhem and Kent Exiles.

Our Shark in the Desert

As most of you will know, Ben has been in the States now for a nearly a month. And if any of you have been touch with him you’ll know that the jammy so-and-so has been very busy on the sporting front!

In his own words, here is how the first month has gone…

Attention sports fans, the single greatest sporting event is upon us again, gracing the state of Arizona with its presence for the final showdown of the season.


And who has tickets?? None other than yours truly, not just any tickets, Corporate tickets, including FREE food and drink and a lovely box with a balcony to watch the game. (My Uncle is the president of technology at American Express)

This Shark’s a long way from local waters but has found a home away from home. In the short time I have been gone I have found a flag team and had a training session with the ASU boys. There is a football shop out here the size of Chichester!!

I have done so much since I have been out here. I’ve been to the celebrity basketball shootout – 10th row tickets. ‘Cheeseburger’ from ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ was there “That’s the truth and put some cheese on it, ain’t no meatloaf between these buns”. It was so funny, he started doing the robot! That was on the Saturday, then on Sunday we went to the Phoenix Suns vs the New Jersey Nets. Amazing atmosphere and the half time show was incredible. Then Monday I went to the Ice Hockey and saw the Phoenix Coyotes Vs the Buffalo Sabers – great game and I was inches away from hockey GOD Wayne Gretzky!!!

That was the first two weeks, that was good enough, but these last two weeks have been AMAZING. I have been to two separate FBR PGA Golf open corporate golf events. Golf’s not really my thing, but who am I to turn down free food and drink, and a lot of job opportunities.

Then after each of those FBR events, I was lucky enough on the Thursday to be given court side tickets to the Suns vs the Spurs (like watching Man U V Man City) and who was I sitting 5 seats away from?? None other than Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and San Diego Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson!! I could not believe it. I was lucky enough to get a picture with Larry but LT used his power to break through the crowd (GOOD TIMES).

On the Sunday I started the day off thinking about my fellow Sharks having to stay up until stupid o’clock to watch the Superbowl, but instead of that I was watching Phill Mikleson on the 18th hole (apparently the loudest hole in golf). With free food and drink. After consuming my body weight in drink, me and my cousin made our way to the University Of Phoenix stadium to watch the Pats make NFL history!! Or so i thought (BAD TIMES). The atmosphere was AMAZING, I will never experience a feeling like that again. Truly incredible.

I hope everything is good in England! Drop me a line at super_chef6000@hotmail.co.uk.


Want to be a qualified coach?

Interested in earning a coaching qualification?

Dayle is in the process of confirming plans to host a Flag Leader’s Award course at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham.

The Leader’s Award is the basic level coaching qualification recognised by BAFA – our new governing body. Each team must have at least one qualified coach on the sideline during games – ideally, we’d like to have several capable of filling that role, not just for games but to improve our training sessions.

The date that Dayle has agreed with the NFL for this is Saturday 23 February, and the cost to each participant is £15. (A £5 discount will apply to those aged 16/17 years.) The course is delivered in a matter of hours, it involves both practical and theoretical elements, and participants require no previous coaching experience.

Please post here by Friday 15 February if you would like to attend.