Beginning of new era for Sharks

2007 was a special year for the Chichester Sharks. We had a rocky season on and off the pitch but yet in keeping with our supportive, team first environment, we turned things around to end the year on a high note, winning the English National Championship.

2008 promises to be a very different, but just as eventful year. In April, we’ll be starting our first season in the new BAFL Flag league.

Much has been said about this league, and its been a long time coming, but what is clear is that its the best opportunity for the growth of our sport in the UK.

Insurance against injury, centrally controlled scheduling, fully compliant with UK laws and regulations, child protection policies, opportunities for funding, national finals, and national and international playing opportunities are just some of the reasons why we think the BAFL Flag league is the way forward.

One of first changes our club has seen, has been prompted by this pending move to BAFA. We’ve gone legit!

We are now officially known as the Chichester Sharks American Football Club. Its on the paperwork and everything.

Following a meeting at New Year, we have formalised the club by drawing up a club constitution and team rules. The Constitution lays out the aims of the club and how it will be run (i.e. membership, accounts, committee). Likewise, the team rules state how we, as members of the Sharks, will behave towards each other and how we will represent our club in competition. There aren’t a lot of rules, we’re here to have fun after all.

The other major activity recently, was the voting in of a committee for 2008. The club belongs to everyone so it was only fair that the players vote in the people to represent them and the best interests of the club. For each position, individuals were nominated by their fellow players. None of the nominations were contested by the team, so we’re pleased to announce the following Committee appointments:

Chairman – Neil Henderson

Secretary / Marketing & Media
– Gary Robinson

Treasurer – Andy Ifould

Child Protection Officer – Toby Chopra

Head Coach – Dayle Kirby

We’re very excited to announce the appointment of Dayle Kirby to be our Head Coach for 2008. We all know the tremendous knowledge and experience that Dayle brings to our club and we look forward to developing the team under his guidance.

Dayle’s first action as Head Coach was to appoint a coaching staff. Neil Henderson will be the Offensive Coordinator for 2008, and Dave Lee will be the Defensive Coordinator. Both Coordinator positions are non-Committee positions.

If anyone else is interested in volunteering to help out, let us know. Whilst all the committee positions are now filled, we still need a first aider for the team, as well as a Game Day Manager, to help in the organising on match day.

So, plenty going on and plenty more to come. We’ll post updates as and when we have more information for you.

Can’t wait for April!

Training Sunday 27th January

Training is definitely on this weekend, 10am sharp, usual place.

Everyone performed very well last week in Andover but there are still things we need to work on. Unfortunately Dayle won’t be able to make it on Sunday but Dave and I have been in touch and we have agreed things to work on this week.

If you haven’t yet confirmed attendance please do so ASAP. If you have said you are coming and your situation changes please let me know too ASAP. It is important and only fair on the rest of the team that we know exactly how many people will be turning up each week.


Sharks at MH Cup

The Sharks are competing in the 7 team MH Cup tournament on Sunday 20th January in Andover. There was going to be an England vs Wales return International but the Wales team called off just after Christmas.

The Sharks are sending a depleted squad as a number of players have moved overseas in the last couple of weeks, while injuries and unavailability has also left only a skeleton squad. Speaking the day before the event, newly installed Head Coach Dayle Kirby said “Although we have a number of players missing I have full confidence in the team we are sending out tomorrow. We have to be adaptable with individuals playing on both sides of the ball. This is the kind of resilience and team effort which won us the title last year. We hope to try out a few new things and will use this as a warm up for the forthcoming inaugral BAFL Flag League which I and the rest of the Chichester Sharks are fully behind”.