2007: The year in numbers

To finish off the year, I thought I’d take a look at how we did this year by looking at the stats we’ve been keeping. Obviously the biggest stat of all is the W next to our name in the championship game.

However, getting there meant some great individual and team performances along the way. You may not have noticed them when spread across many months but once you look at them collectively, you can what a good year we all had as a team.

We’ll start with some individual performances.

Individual stats

Games Played

Its not always easy getting a team together for each tournament so well done to the following players who took part in every game their teams played:

Sharks (max. 17 games):

17 Neil
17 Gary
17 Dayle
17 Lambo

Makos (max. 13 games)

13 Thierry
13 Luke
13 Sean
13 Rob
13 Billy
13 Ewan


Where would we be without the arms…

  • Neil scored 39 TDs in 17 games (2.3 per game) and only 7 Ints (0.4 per game) – that’s a 6:1 ratio. Neil also converted 49% of his PATs.
  • Thierry scored 29 TDs in 13 games (2.2 per game) and only 5 Ints (0.4 per game) – and like Neil, that’s a 6:1 ratio. Thierry didn’t have so much luck with his PATs, converting 21%.
  • Lambo had an inauspicious year throwing the ball – 1 attempt for 1 interception – and Neil still won’t let him forget it!

Top Receivers

And of course the hands…

  1. Pete Steel (109 pts)
  2. Ben Pulleyblank (97 pts)
  3. James Lambert (91 pts)

The complete list:

Top Interceptors

And the momentum stealing ball hawks…

  1. Dayle (8)
  2. Thierry (3)
  3. Lambo (3)
  4. Sam Coakley (2)
  5. Dave Lee (2)
  6. Billy Bromley (1)
  7. Sean Scutt (1)
  8. Luke Ingham (1)
  9. Andy Ifould (1)
  10. Shaun Parker (1)
  11. Ewan Sutherland (1)
  12. Toby Chopra (1)

Defensive Scoring

We didn’t have a lot of defensive scoring this year, but the following made big impacts on their games:

  1. Toby Chopra (1 TD)
  2. Sam Coakley (1 TD)
  3. Dayle Kirby (1 XP return)
  4. Neil Henderson (1 XP return)
  5. Ashley Grant (1 Safety)

Toby’s return even prompted a mythical endzone celebration 🙂

Top Sackers

Nothing frustrates an Offense more than going backwards on a drive…

  1. Ashley Grant (5)
  2. Billy Bromley (3)
  3. Pete Steel (3)
  4. Gary Robinson (1)
  5. Steve Robinson (1)
  6. Sean Scutt (1)

I’m particularly chuffed with my lone contribution for the year as it resulted in 4th and long on the last play of the Final. The fact that it was against Watson made it even sweeter!

Team Stats

Now most importantly, the team stats – what we achieved by playing as one.


  • The Sharks averaged 1 interception and half a sack per game
  • The Makos averaged 0.5 interceptions and 0.3 sacks per game


  • The Sharks averaged 21 points scored and 19 conceded per game
  • The Makos averaged 16 points scored and 24 conceded


  • The Sharks played the Leicester Eagles 3 times this year and won all three by a combined 74-32 score, an average of 25-11. This was the Sharks best match up, even more impressive considering the Eagles were a Final Four team.
  • The Sharks met the Makos 3 times in competition, winning all 3 by an average of 20-11. Two of those contests were pretty close affairs though, one finishing 27-20 and the other 7-6.
  • The Sharks hardest opponents were Mayhem and Voodoo, losing 2 out of 2 and 4 out of 5 respectively. The Voodoo were the Sharks’ most common opponent of 2007, accounting for 30% of our games. Ironically, we lost to them every time apart from when it really mattered in the final! I think that’s a good indication of being able to overcome superior talent if you have better teamwork, determination and a bigger heart.
  • The Makos best matchup of the year was against the North Devon Dogs, finishing with 1 win and 1 tie from 2 games.
  • Perhaps more impressive was the Makos performance against the Eagles this season. Winning 18-13 in one game and then narrowly losing 12-6.

All in all, not a bad year for the club. We had some difficult times on and off the pitch, but we fought on and secured a 2nd championship for the club.

Next year could be a big step forward for flag football in the UK, as we look to join the new BAFL league. Lets hope we can continue our success into 2008.

Breaker Boys – The true NFL champions of 1925

For those of you who like to read and have an unhealthy obsession with all things football related, you might be interested in a book I’ve discovered called the ‘Breaker Boys’.

It is the story of the Pottsville Maroons, one of the earliest NFL teams, and how they won the league title in their first year in 1925, only to have it taken away by the NFL. They had such a massive impact on the league and helped shaped the sport you watch – and play – today. The forward pass, training, scouting, salary, strategy and teamwork – all shaped in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania.

Its a really easy, interesting read and would be a great way to spend any xmas present money you’re given!

You can buy it by clicking on the button below. This will take you through to Amazon. If you buy it through here then a few pennies will go into the pot to help keep this website running (which would be much appreciated).

If you’re interested, there is a growing movement in Sports and Politics to persuade the NFL to give the title back to the Maroons. Find out more at the official site – BreakerBoys1925.com – and whilst you’re there why not sign the petition that will be going to the NFL.

Tournament Results

On Sunday, the Sharks took part in an end of season friendly tournament in Billingshurst. We had a really good turn out, with several new teams – and an old face – taking part.

We had a squad of 8 playing – Neil, Pete, Ben, Dayle, Thierry, Arthur, Toby and myself – with sideline support from Dave and Lambo.

We had a really enjoyable day and a pretty productive one on the pitch. Our group draw featured the Renegade Outlaws, Surrey Stingers Old Boys (kitted team) and the Hastings Serpents. The team played outstanding in all three matches, scoring in the region of 90-100 points (don’t have the exact scores at the moment) and conceding ZERO! An outstanding effort. All those who played D should be proud of that feat.

Special mention goes to Toby, who played his socks off, picking off a handful of interceptions, including one, I believe, he returned for a score. Rumours of a repeat of his infamous endzone dance, sadly, are not true.

Unfortunately, with light fading, we had to speed up the playoff structure, meaning the group winners were to play each other to determine the 1-2 positions. This meant we were up against a very well prepared Leicester team. Sadly, we couldn’t maintain our perfect shut out record, conceding 2 scores on route to a 13-8 loss.

However, that still meant that on the day, our D conceded on average 3.25 points a game – not bad at all!

The final positions on the day were:

Group A
Sharks 3-0
Stingers Old Boys 2-1
Serpents 1-2
Outlaws 0-3

Group B
Eagles 4-0
Dogs 2-2
Cardinals 0-4

5th Place Playoff
Serpents 13-7 Cardinals (OT)

3rd Place Playoff
Stingers Old Boys 12-6 Dogs

Eagles 13-8 Sharks

Oh and by the way, the old face i mentioned, was Will Corkrey, our former Thespians QB from a few years back, now playing for the Canterbury Cardinals.

Well done to Dayle for organising an excellent event and providing sunny, if a little cold, weather. Hopefully we have plenty more of these next year.

December Friendly Tournament

Tomorrow the Chichester Sharks will be playing in a friendly tournament in Billingshurst, nr Horsham.

We’ll be playing on Astroturf at the Weald School –

Station Road
RH14 9RY

As its a sand based astroturf please make sure you have suitable footwear. Molded cleats or trainers, but not metal spike boots.

We have the pitches from 10-4 with floodlights for the final hour. All Sharks leaving from Chichester should meet at the New Park car park ready for an 8a.m. departure.

On the basis of the following confirmed teams, entry to the tournament will cost each team £13. Please bring a couple of quid to contribute.

Birmingham Raiders / Coventry Jets
Canterbury Cardinals
Chichester Sharks
Hastings Conquerors
Hastings Serpents
Leicester Eagles
Lincoln team
Mildenhall Mayhem
North Devon Dogs
Renegade Outlaws & CH Old Boys
Surrey Stingers Old Boys

Time to shake off the post-championship rust!