Penultimate ’07 Tournament – Voodoo, Winchester

The last tournament of the year before the finals takes place this coming weekend. Hosted by the Voodoo, the tournament will take place at Winchester Rugby Club.

Kick off is at 11 a.m. and it takes about 50 minutes to get there so cars will be leaving the car park in Chichester at 9.30 a.m.

As some of you live on the way to Winchester we need to work out who is traveling from where.

Please put your start point in the comments below or text me. Those from Chichester can meet at the car park. Neil I expect will go from Hedge End, Thierry and Ewan maybe can get a lift from Neil…

Lets ensure we get a good turn out as there will only be one more chance to compete after this this year.

Chichester Pigskin Pick’em – Week 2

There is a horrible trend forming here – Billy is topping the table for two weeks running now!

Is it his immense knowledge of the NFL or is he just plain lucky? hmmm…

Here are the scores this week (out of 16). The figures in brackets are the overall scores.

1. Billy 12/16 (24/36)
2. Steve 11/16 (22/36)
3. Jon 10/16 (22/36)
3. Shaun 10/16 (21/36)
5. Gary 10/16 (19/36)
5. Matt 10/16 (18/36)
5. Thierry 10/16 (18/36)
8. Neil 7/16 (18/36)

4 Sharks in Europe

Four players from the Chichester Sharks represented Great Britain this past weekend at the European Flag Football Championships in Italy.

QB Neil Henderson, WR Pete Steel and defenders Dayle Kirby and Dave Lee trained with the GB squad throughout the year in anticipation of competing in the 9 nation tournament in Sestola, Italy.

They were joined by teams from Austria, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Italy for the 2 day event.

Great Britain were drawn against Denmark, Germany and Italy in Pool B. It was a tough draw for the Lions, pitting them against the 3 runners up from the last 3 major tournaments (Germany 2004, Italy 2005 and Denmark 2006).

Once the guys return from their trip, we’ll post up all the scores and a report on how they got on.

The last European Championships were held in Helsinki in 2005. Whilst the Gold was won by current World Champions, France, Great Britain earned themselves a well deserved Bronze medal.

All four Chichester players were in the squad that day, with Pete Steel being named the team’s Offensive Most Valuable Player.

Chichester Pigskin Pick’em – Week 1

Following a wild opening weekend of the 2007 season – a weekend with many upsets (that’s my excuse anyway) – here is the league table of Chichester Sharks & Makos pickers.

The top spot is shared by Billy Bromley and Jon Steele-Mills, who somehow managed to predict 12 out of 16 matchups correctly. A fluke I say! I think there must have been a technical error along the way as I seem to have only managed to score 9. I’m sure that will be rectified Week 2!

1. Billy 12/16
1. Jon 12/16
3. Neil 11/16
3. Shaun 11/16
3. Steve 11/16
6. Billy2 10/16
7. Gary 9/16
8. Matt 8/16
8. Thierry 8/16

There are no early games this week, so guys, remember to get your picks in before kickoff on Sunday.

Great training today…

…guys, it was a lot of fun – if a little knackering!

Thanks to Dayle for running the agonising warm-up – ‘dynamic stretching’ all the way from now on! Thanks also for running the new drills, I think we all got a lot from them. Nice to learn some new stuff about technique.

Well done to Billy, Shaun and Pete on taking some snaps at QB too – it was good to mix it up like that.

As discussed at training, we’ll be focusing more on developing our technique at the different positions over the next few months – thanks for the feedback. If you have any other suggestions/comments, do let us know.


Quick reminder – don’t forget to sign up to our Pigskin Pick’em. The season starts this Thursday, so get in quick!