The Chichester Sharks & Makos Pigskin Pick’em!

The NFL season is just days away, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to launch the 2007 Chichester Sharks & Makos Pigskin Pick’em!

If you’ve not done one of these before, a Pigskin Pick’em is a weekly competition where you get to predict the winners of each NFL game throughout the 17 weeks of the regular season.

I’ve set up a league on ESPN for Sharks and Makos players. Prior to the games starting each week, you’ll need to make your selections as to who you think will be the winner of each match-up. If you cannot make your predictions in time or you forget, your picks will default to the team playing at home.

The Pigskin Pick’em Champion will be the player who correctly guesses the most victories.

If you’re interested in playing this season, let me know your email address (either here, by text or at training) and I’ll send you a password to login to our league.

The season starts on Thursday (6th September) so let me know asap if you want to join!

Training Review

Guys, can you have a think about what you like about training, what you dislike and anything new you’d like us to do. Seems like a good time to review things.

So, more/less drills? More/less scrimmages? More D training – zone vs man, what exactly is a Cover 2? More fitness training? Mini-tournaments? Timed drills (40 yd sprint, 3 cone shuttle, etc).

Have a think about it this week and we’ll have a chat about it at training on Sunday.

Have a good week

Player Stats to date

A few of you have asked recently for an update on the tournament statistics for this season. The table below shows the results from the 3 tournaments that have qualified as official ESFL tournaments this year.

These are from the 3 Westergate tournaments in April, May and August. Unfortunately the Leicester tournament did not count as only 3 teams participated.

Please do let me know if I have any of the numbers wrong – its easily done after the game!

Well done to everyone listed and big thanks to those who are not but opened up spaces for the others. Every route counts 🙂

Add your team logo to Facebook

For those who use Facebook, you can now add the Sharks and Makos logos to your Facebook profile.

Go to the Applications section, browse for the ‘Sports Fan’ application, find the ‘American Football’ section, then ‘UK’, then ‘ESFL’ and then click on Sharks, Makos or both.

Your logo(s) will then appear on your page. You can also add your favourite NFL team (or any other sports for that matter).

Strong Performances for Chichester Teams

Well done to everyone that played yesterday – it was a great day of football for both Sharks and Makos.

With 6 teams participating, the Sharks finished the day 2nd overall with a 3-1 record and the Makos 4th with a 1-2-1 record.

The Makos record does not do justice to their performance on the day – losing by just 1 point to the Sharks, tying with the Dogs after a disallowed TD, a victory over the Eagles and a cracking 69 point shoot out with a very good Peabody Tanners team (formerly Derby Uni).

The Sharks were on fine form with 2 victories over the Tanners, the close game against the Makos and the defeat against the Nick Watson led Voodoo (who went undefeated on the day).

There were many fine performances – especially a great defensive battle between the Sharks and Makos – that was mighty close!

Top receiver on the day for the Makos was Matt with 5 TDs and 4 for Ben on the Sharks – well done to both of you. Also, a fine game for Thierry against the Tanners, throwing for 5 TDs to keep neck and neck with the opposition throughout the game.

On the D side of the ball, I’d like to congratulate Neil on breaking up a key pass with his nose during one game…

Here are the results on the day:

Group Stage


Voodoo 33 – 7 Dogs
Eagles 13 – 25 Voodoo
Dogs 0 – 6 Eagles


Tanners 12 – 26 Sharks
Makos 31 – 38 Tanners
Sharks 7 – 6 Makos

Championship Playoff Match

Eagles 19 – 27 Tanners

4th/5th/6th Position Group

Eagles 6 – 7 Dogs
Dogs 12 – 12 Makos
Makos 18 – 13 Eagles

Championship Group

Voodoo 20 – 6 Sharks
Tanners 18 – 20 Sharks
Voodoo 35 – 12 Tanners

Tournament Positions

1. Voodoo
2. Sharks
3. Tanners
4. Makos
5. Dogs
6. Eagles

Tournament positions aside, here are the W-L-T, pts For, pts Against, Pts Differennce for the league tables:

Voodoo 4-0-0 113-38 +75
Sharks 3-1-0 59-56 +3
Tanners 2-3-0 107-131 -24
Makos 1-2-1 67-70 -3
Dogs 1-2-1 26-57 -31
Eagles 1-4-0 57-77 -20

So what does this all mean to the overall standings? Well, it means that at the moment both the Sharks and Makos are eligible to qualify for the finals!

After 3 tournaments the league table looks like this:

W-L-T / PF-PA /Diff /%

Mildenhall 9-0-0 290-133 +157 1.000
London 3-1-1 82-67 +15 0.750
Voodoo 9-4-0 289-203 +86 0.692
Sharks 7-6-0 266-247 +19 0.538
Tanners 2-3-0 107-131 -24 0.400
Eagles 4-6-0 134-153 -19 0.400
Makos 2-10-1 203-307 -104 0.192
Dogs 1-7-1 84-214 -130 0.167

Teams in bold are currently eligible for the Finals. Teams must have played in 3 tournaments to qualify for the finals. Mildenhall, Leicester and North Devon have attended 2 tournaments, with London and Tanners having attended 1.

I’m going to update the stats sheet shortly but I need a couple bits of info first. In the Makos victory over the Eagles, who caught the 2 TDs? I have a feeling Luke Nash might have got one, but does anyone know for sure?

As ever, please leave your thoughts on yesterday in the comments section below.

See you Wednesday!

Westergate tournament – Sunday 12th August

This Sunday, 12th August, sees the 3rd tournament of the 2007 ESFL season. Hosted by Chichester, the tournament takes place at the Six Villages Sports Centre in Westergate.

The tournaments kicks off at 11am and will see 7 teams competing. Joining the Chichester Sharks and Makos will be North Devon Dogs, Mildenhall Mayhem, Team Voodoo, the Peabody Tanners (formerly Derby) and the Leicester Eagles.

All Chichester players should aim to arrive for 10am to set up the pitch and warm up. Please bring a white and a dark game shirt, plus a couple of quid towards the pitch hiring fees.

See you Sunday!