1-2 for Sharks in Hastings

Following an excellent day of competitive football last week in Leicester, the Sharks headed for a more relaxed environment in Hastings on Sunday, to compete in the Hastings Extreme Games.

The event organised by local governement funded ‘Active Hastings’, hosted a mini flag football tournament, in amongst other events such as 5-a-side football, skateboarding, basketball and kite buggying.

In addition to the Sharks, Hastings entered their two rookie teams – the Serpents and the Conquerors. With 15 players available the Sharks split into two teams – Sharks A, led by Thierry and Sharks B, led by Nick Watson, in his first guest appearance for the Sharks since his departure in 2004/5.

The lack of experience from the Hastings teams was evident with boths the Serpents and Conquerors being on the wrong side of some lopsided defeats by the Sharks teams. They were a determined bunch however, and put up a good fight throughout the day.

With a bit more training and development, both teams should be able to participate in the ESFL. To help them with this, we have spoken to their coach about inviting them to Chichester for a scrimmage or training and hopefully they’ll take us up on this offer.

I don’t have the scores for the day (anyone got them??) but the final table looked like this:

Chichester B – 3-0
Chichester A – 2-1
Conquerors – 1-2
Serpents – 0-3

We done to all that played Sunday. Special mention goes to Mike the Ninja, who had his best day of competion in a Sharks jersey – playing a blinder on Defense. Maybe a switch from his usual position on O is in the offing…?

Other defensive highlights include great plays by Billy, Toby and Ewan. On the O there were several sightings of Julian hauling in the catches, likewise some crucial catches for big gains for JP.

Unfortunately, most of those were against my Sharks A! Well done also for Thierry for shaking off the rust after a month or so out of training.

Anyone else have any comments to add? Please feel free to do so below.

(mike, do you have any team photos you could send me please? info@chichestersharks.co.uk)

Training Weds / Hastings Exhibition

I have heard a number of people saying they are available for Wednesday training this week, so consider it on. Please post here if you’re going to be there.

I think so far Dayle, Mike, Shaun, Sean and Julian have said yes. I will see how my knees are holding up before I commit 🙂


Hastings Exhibition

This is a friendly exhibition tournament against 2 senior mens teams from Hasting (no idea where they have been hiding) plus two corporate teams (not sure if they have played before). It will be good to attend as it may encourage new teams to join the league.

Depending on numbers we may enter two teams, otherwise we’ll follow yesterdays approach with one team. Everyone that comes will get playing time.

Please be at the car park for 8.30 a.m. on Sunday. Please state in the comments below if you are coming.

As Neil is unable to make Sunday, Nick Watson will be making a guest appearance as Sharks QB. Bring plenty of finger tape…


Leicester Tournament – Some of our best football ever?

Congratulations Sharks on some excellent football yesterday! EVERY player contributed to our success yesterday and it was a fine example of how well we can play as a team.

The results were a bit odd – each team finished with a 2-2 record:

Sharks beat Voodoo twice
Voodoo beat Eagles twice
Eagles beat Sharks twice

I guess it just goes to show how evenly matched we all are, which leads to some great games of football.

We took a strong team, with a nice mix of Sharks and Makos players. It would have been nice to take two teams, but unfortunately there were a number of Makos who could not make the trip. What it did mean was that those Makos who did travel got to play in some very good games and every single one of them contributed positively to our performance.

So well done Billy, Luke, Toby, Matt and JP. Some great tackling by Billy, nice clock-eating runs by Luke (and yes a TD!), tight coverage by Toby and Matt (and a fantastic pick Matt) and some clutch catches from JP.

As for the Sharks, some very good D headed up by Dave and Dayle, a nice rotation on O in terms of receivers – with SEVEN different players scoring touchdowns – and a nice arm and decision-making from our QB, Neil.

The highlight for me, was our 2nd game of the day and 1st against the Voodoo. The Voodoo had just come off a strong victory against the Eagles, who we had lost against, so we knew it would be a difficult match.

It didn’t start out well for us, as former Sharks QB, Nick Watson aired it out with his trade mark bombs to take a lead almost immediately. But we fought back and lead kept changing hands like a basketball match! It was my best game of the day with 1 TD and 2 PATs – all off the Touchdown play, which seemed to work all day against the Voodoo. Pete also chipped in with 2 TDs, with one a piece from Lambo and Ben.

We were on track for a heartbreaking loss after the Voodoo scored with slightly less than a minute left. But with the team fired up, we managed to march down the field. With just 8 seconds left on the clock, Neil heaved the ball into the endzone and Pete made a spectacular grab for the game tying TD. The successful PAT sealed what ranks as one of the all time best Shark victories. Final score 34-33.

Here are the other results and stats:

Sharks 7 – 18 Eagles

Passing – Neil Henderson 1 TD, 1INT
Receiving – Pete Steel 1 TD, 1 PAT
Defense – Matt Williams 1 SACK

Sharks 34 – 33 Voodoo

Passing – Neil Henderson 5 TD
Receving –
Pete Steel 2 TD, 1 PAT
Gary Robinson 1 TD, 2 PAT
James Lambert 1 TD, 1 PAT
Ben Pulleyblank 1 TD

Sharks 6 – 7 Eagles

Passing – Neil Henderson 1 TD
Receiving – Luke Nash 1 TD
Defense – Matt Williams 1 INT

Sharks 28 – 14 Voodoo

Passing – Neil Henderson 4 TD
Receiving –
Dayle Kirby 2 TD, 2 PAT
Ben Pulleyblank 1 TD, 1 PAT
Matt Williams 1 TD, 1 PAT
Defense –
Dayle Kirby 1 INT
Matt Williams 1 INT

Well done all, a great tournament. Add your own comments below – what was your highlight?

Earlier in the day, Dave and Dayle held a Team England trial session. This involved a series of drills, including sprints, shuttles, receiving and back peddling. Chichester players who participated: Luke Nash, Lambo, Matt Williams, Ben Pulleyblank and Gary Robinson.

Team England Head Coach Dave Lee will be in touch this week with feedback and his decisions. There will be another opportunity to be assessed at the Hastings event on Sunday should anyone else like to be considered.

Next up: Hastings on Sunday. This is a friendly exhibition event, but we’d like to take a least one team down, two if the Makos have a QB and enough players free. I’ll post details up here in the next couple of days.

Leicester Tournament Sunday

It’s a nice and early start for us on Sunday. Could all of you coming to Leicester please ensure you get to the car park ready for a 6.30am departure.

Its a 3 hour trip so please be there before 6.30am. (make sure you come to our new car park NOT the old multi-story!)

As usual, bring a white top if you don’t have a Sharks shirt and a dark one just in case.

If you are not driving please ensure you bring some cash with you to contribute to the petrol costs of your generous driver.

See you Sunday!

Wednesday Training?

EDIT SINCE ORIGINAL POST: Due to good response, training on Wednesday is definitely on!


According to the comments on the last post, there are a number of people who are interested in Wednesday (18th) night training this week.

I’m up for a session this week if there are enough people. Can you express your interest here ASAP if you can make it?

So far it seems like the following can make it:

Billy (if he can make it back from his school trip)

Anyone have Luke N’s number?

Who else?

I will text a few others who don’t have access to site to see if there is any interest.

There is not a lot of time, so respond quickly – and don’t forget to check with any others on the team who might be interested.

We need to make a call on this by tomorrow evening.

4 Sharks Make Great Britain Squad

Congratulations to the 4 Sharks that were select for the Great Britain yesterday.

Neil Henderson, Pete Steel, Dayle Kirby and Dave Lee were all chosen to represent Great Britain in September’s European Championships in Italy and the 2008 World Cup.

Here is the squad in full:

Ben Brady England
Josh Fellows England
Neil Henderson Scotland
Colin Jones Scotland
Dayle Kirby England(player/coach)
Andy Leane England
Dave Lee England
Kinda Mann England
David Mooney Snr Scotland (Cap)
Tim Smith England
Pete Steel England
Jimmy Thompson Scotland
Nick Watson England

Jamie Sinfeild Offensive Co-Ordinator
Mark Fletcher Defensive Co-Ordinator
John Scougall Trainer
Steven Maxwell Manager

Stuart McKay
Head Coach