2007 Roster – Makos

The Makos are up and running and putting points on the board against all teams in the ESFL. The team’s game is coming together in all phases of the game, scoring on Offense and tackling hard on Defense.

Here is the Roster for the 2007 Makos:

(Apologies for old photos – those with game shirts i’ll photograph you on Sunday, others I do when you shirts arrive)

Thierry Stein

Billy Bromley

Ewan Sutherland

R0b L0ve


Toby Chopra

Michael Sutherland

Luke Nash

Steven R0binson

Jamie Perry

JP Walker

Luke Ingham

Sean Scutt (player/coach)

Julian Simms (player/coach)

New Poll! – Will it be Wednesday?

The results are in and we had 16 of you vote on our mid-week training poll. The results were very close…

Wednesday 50%
Thursday 44%
No 6%

Normally, I’d say Wednesday is the winner, but in order to have Wednesday night training we need people to turn up. Its obvious that enough of you want to play in the week, so its important we choose a night that as many people as possible can make – even if its not your first choice night.

Therefore, I’ve added a 2nd poll – let us know if Wednesday is good for you.

We aim to start this in the next few weeks – just need the evenings to get a little longer first.

Super Tacky Cutter Gloves for Sale

Just a quick suggestion, at the time of writing there is just under 2 days left on an ebay auction for a XL pair of very good Cutters receiver gloves. These are the tacky grip ones I use.

Unlike most of the other gloves these are machine washable or if like me you’re too lazy, a wipe with a damp cloth (or if uncouth, spit on them) will do.

Anyway, they are £15 at this point – more than half price – so take a look if interested. More gloves on ebay can be found on the righthand side of this page if you scroll down.

Westergate Tournament Results

Well done to everyone who played yesterday in the first tournament of the ’07 season.

It was a great day for football and it was very pleasing to see such a great turn out for both teams. The day saw the first appearance of the Chichester Makos – and they did not disappoint, notching up their first win of the season. Not only that, they also scored in every game they played in, putting the frighteners on some of the league’s more established teams.

This was a very positive sign for a team that has trained so hard and come so far. Your attitude is fantastic and you should all be proud of the performance you put up yesterday. More wins will come.

By the way Makos, did you realise that only the Leicester Eagles scored more points on the Americans than you did? That is very impressive!

I only got to see bits and pieces of your games, but from what I hear the whole team played very well. Thierry, from the bits I saw, I think you had a very good tournament – your arm and decision making are getting better and better (just got to work on those feet!). Well done to Luke also – as we predicted, you’re going to score some TDs this year with that speed. Well done to Steve too – picking up a sack and a deflected pass in his first ever tournament.

I’m sure there were other good performances that i didn’t get to see – so give props to your teammates in the comments section below…

Well done to the Sharks also. That was some of the best football we have played in a long time and I had a great time. I ache something chronic today, but it was all worth it.

I was very impressed with how we played today – really cohesive, team play. The positive attitude everyone displayed the whole day really helped how we played. Lets keep that up.

In terms of the O, it was a great performance all round. Neil, you played exceptionally well, great decision-making. Receivers – and there are plenty to choose from now, you all played really well. I think we’ll score a lot of points this year and everyone will get on the scoreboard throughout the year.

Defense, you play great. Special thanks to Dayle, firstly for joining us for ’07, but particularly for your leadership on the field yesterday. Your experience and attitude made an immediate impact.

All the guys who played D yesterday, you should be very pleased with your performance. Welcome back to Sam also – I believe there were a couple of picks out there and the speed really helped too.

I think we all realised by the end of the day that we have a little work still to do on our stamina, focus and tackling, but they are all things we can correct.

As for the results:

Sharks 26 Makos 6
Voodoo 12 Mayhem 24
Dogs 0 Eagles 18
Mayhem 27 Sharks 14
Makos 6 Eagles 12
Voodoo 38 Dogs 20
Sharks 22 Eagles 7
Mayhem 34 Dogs 0
Makos 15 Voodoo 35
Dogs 20 Sharks 43
Eagles 14 Voodoo 13
Mayhem 34 Makos 19
Sharks 18 Voodoo 32
Dogs 18 Makos 24
Eagles 26 Mayhem 35

Final standings

Mayhem 5 5 0 154 71 +83
Vodoo 5 3 2 130 91 +39
Sharks 5 3 2 123 92 +31
Eagles 5 3 2 77 76 +1
Makos 5 1 4 70 125 -55
Dogs 5 0 5 58 157 -99

Thank you to Neil for organising the draw, Sean for sorting the venue and to all the guys who helped referee.

Sean and I have written a match report for the Observer so hopefully that will appear this coming Thursday. Regardless, I’ll post a copy up here shortly. I also have a Sharks vs Eagles video to upload.

Looking forward to training already. See you Sunday!

1st ESFL Tournament of the ’07 Season

This Saturday, 7th April, sees the first tournament of the 2007 ESFL season. Hosted by Chichester, tournament takes place at the Six Villages Sports Centre in Westergate.

The tournaments kicks off at 11am and will see 6 teams competing. Joining the Chichester Sharks and Makos will be North Devon Dogs, Mildenhall Mayhem, Team Voodoo and the Leicester Eagles.

All Chichester players should aim to arrive for 10am to set up the pitch and warm up. Please bring a white and a dark game shirt, plus £1.50 towards the pitch hiring fees.

It seems like we’ve not had a tournament for ages, so this one should be fun. See you Saturday!