England Tri-Nations

This Saturday – 24th March – The England flag football team will be taking part in a Tri-Nations tournament with a team from Ireland and the USA. The event takes place in Billingshurst and starts at 3.00pm, ends at 5.30pm. Both Neil and Pete will be competing.

I will be going to film the games for the England team, does anyone else fancy going to watch?

According to Multimap, it only takes 33 minutes to get there, so not too far away. The venue is the Weald Recreation Centre, Station Rd, Billingshurst RH14 9RY. The ground is here

Let me know here if you want a lift or will drive up yourself. Once i know if anyone else is going, I’ll arrange a meeting place.

New Year – New Name

A couple of seasons ago, when the team started to grow, we formed a 2nd team of rookies. We dubbed them the Thespians in ‘honour’ of our town’s theatrical heritage (and no Billy, a Thespian is not a baby Shark). It was done in a jokey manner and is hardly a manly, fear-inducing moniker.

Over the past year or so, our approach and attitude has changed. Last year the team developed some bite and began challenging the first teams of our rivals.

With the drawing up of the new rosters and a new season nearly upon us, its time to give this team a new name.

It has been suggested that as we are all Sharks (and wear the shirts to prove it!), it might be a good idea to keep the new name shark related. And as its your team, we thought you’d like to be involved in the naming. So suggestions please?!

Here a couple to get you started (all types of Shark):

Tiger Sharks
Great Whites
Mako (maori for ‘Man-eaters’)
Dakuwanga (Fijian Shark god – ‘Eater of Lost Souls’!)

Add yours in the comments section below. Once we have enough, I’ll add a poll to the site so we can all vote.


Team Rosters

The team rosters for 2007 were announced today at training. They are:

Sharks A –

Neil Henderson
Gary Robinson
Pete Steel
Ben Pulleybank
Andy Ifould
Ashley Grant
James Lambert
Shaun Parker

Sharks B –

Thierry Stein
Billy Bromley
Ewan Sutherland
Michael Sutherland
Rob Love
Luke Nash
Toby Chopra
Steven Robinson

There are a number of other players who yet to be assigned due to injury or absence.

Well done to both Shaun and Lambo for their promotion to the first squad. They have demonstrated their ability, team play and positive attitude throughout 2006 and the beginning of this year, earning themselves a roster spot in the first team.

Roster spots on both teams need to be earned and there will be a number of opportunities throughout the year for players to prove themselves and potentially change teams.

It’s worth noting that both Shaun and Lambo earned their first team place not just through ability but because of their approach to training and teamwork. Shark football is not about ego – its about unity and playing for the team.

Let’s have a great season.

Training Next Week

Training on Sunday will be held on the playing fields at New Park in Chichester – the same place as last weekend for those who attended.

To avoid any conflict with the sunday league soccer, we have decided to move the start time forward to

10 am

Please do not be late, we’re having good training sessions at the moment and their is plenty for us to do.

Also, the team line ups will be announced this Sunday – so please make sure you attend.

p.s. Sean and I have discussed this matter and should anyone mention the Superbowl result you’ll get double laps

Sunday Training

It would appear that our ‘landlords’ are not happy with us.

We have been asked by the college to keep off the grass or face ‘removal’ by security. This is obviously annoying as we’ve been there for quite some time – and had permission to do so. Until now.

So, this week we’re going to train at Oaklands Park in Chichester – next to the Festival Theatre. The only problem is that the Festival car is likely to be in use for the Chichester 10K race.

Therefore, lets all meet at 10.20am at our usual car park, pick up those that walk/get the train/bus and drive over to Oaklands and find somewhere to park.

If anyone has suggestions to a location – preferably in Chichester – where we can train on a regular basis and hold tournaments, please let me know.

see you all Sunday