Who’s bandwagon are you on?

Here is a neat little thing by the NFL to encourage people to keep watching football once their favourite team is eliminated from playoff contention.

It asks you a series of questions to determine which of the remaining team matches your preferences.

They reckon that I should follow the Indianapolis Colts – but seeing as the Chicago Bears are going all the way, I don’t need to jump on anyone elses bandwagon!!

How about you? Who’s bandwagon are you riding shotgun on?

Fantasy Football – Results

OK, so my idea of updating you with details of how our league was doing as the season progressed kinda got forgotten. However, its never too late especially as I am…

The Smartest Man Alive!!!!

Yup, I am this year’s Fantasy Football Champion!

It was a very close fought league this year, with several tough teams. I started off really badly, 1-3 in my first 4 games before finishing with 10 wins from 12 games, for a 11-5 record (including the post-season).

Felix also did well, snatching the division title away from me on the tiebreaker as we both ended the regular season with a 9-5 record. He was less fortunate in the semi-finals, with many of his players seemingly deciding this was the week they would take a long nap, costing him a place in the final.

The other Sharks playing did not do so well. Final records for all:

11-5 – Gary

9-6 – Felix

5-9 – Neil

4-10 – Matt

4-10 – Jon

It was a lot of fun this year (esp. if you won!). Hopefully, a few more of you will play next year so we can make it a Sharks-only league.

New Season Starts 7th January 2007

Time to start limbering up fellas, the new season is nearly upon us!

The first training session back will be the 7th January – at the usual time of 10.30am.

If you know of a friend or work colleague that might be interested in playing (or in need of some exercise as a new years resolution) or if you’re a new visitor to the site and are interested in playing, the first session back on the 7th would be the ideal starting time.

Also, as there are a number of changes likely to occur with the league in 2007, we’ll have some information for you on the 7th regarding some changes and developments you’ll see at the club in the coming year.

Thespians vs Renegades – video highlights

Merry Christmas Thierry – just for you!

It may have taken all season but it’s finally here – Thespians video footage!

It was a good game too – excellent play all round guys. Some good catches and runs from Toby and Luke and the usual high standard of tackling. Thierry watch this game to see where you are doing well – the short game works well for you guys, it will set up the long ball. Sometimes you are forcing the deep pass and that is where you get picked off. And watch that line of scrimmage! QBs are supposed to drop BACK! 🙂

Well done all Thespians, good game – don’t forget to watch the end credits for a message for next year…

Hold the back page!

A celebrity walks among us! Andy Ifould’s dramatic dive for the ball made the back page of both the Chichester and Bognor Observers this week. Shame he never came down with the ball but it does make a nice picture 😉

Accompanying the photograph is a game report of our match against Liberty. Whilst it wasn’t exact us at our best, it is good to get some exposure in the local press and they kindly included a link to this website. Hopefully, we’ll get some interest from potential new players.

(If you are a new visitor, please do get in contact, we’ll happily see you on the training field on the 7th January 2007)

Rush out and buy your copy today!

Have a good Christmas guys

Final Four – the verdict

Well done to both teams that took part in the tournaments yesterday. Both teams played some good football over the course of the day, whatever the final results say.

For the Sharks we always knew it would be tough going up against the London Liberty in the Final Four semi-final. We’ve had mixed performances against them over the year and despite never beating them we have run them very close a few times.

So it was a shame that we rather quickly found ourselves in a 20-0 hole at halftime. This was despite a couple of good drives from ourselves – but unfortunately we couldn’t get the ball in the endzone. Andy came closest with an all out dive on a deep ball (below)

We did play much better in the 2nd half, scoring on a pass to Andy in the corner of the endzone and limiting them to only one other score, but it was obvious we were outplayed by a better team – a team that went on to convincing with the league title with a 40-18 score over the Barbarians in the final.

It was good to see the team bounce back later in the day against the 4 time Scottish champions, Kirkcaldy Bulls, beating them 12-6 in a friendly (TDs for Pete and Matt). That was a lot of fun and a good game to end the day and the season.

A special mention should go Andy Ifould’s sterling effort on his dash up field following a short reception on a Halfback Flare pass. I’ve never witnessed anything quite like it. Check out the video here.

(watch him carefully just before the guy walks in front of the camera…)

On to the Thespians. I managed to catch bits and pieces of your games yesterday and have to say I think you guys are really coming together as a team. I saw a lot of good passes, good hands and good running. The tackling was of its usual high standard too. I think you were unlucky with the results, but I’m sure they will come a lot quicker next year.

Well done guys.

We now take a two week break for Christmas and New Year. So rest up, don’t put on weight and we’ll see you back on the training field on the 7th January!

Have a good Christmas guys

Final Four & Beach Bowl – Sunday 17th

This is it. The last tournament of the 2006 season and the chance to become champions.

There will be two tournaments Sunday. The semi-finals of the Final Four will start at 11 a.m. with Chichester vs Liberty, followed by Leicester vs Barbarians. The winners of these matches will play for the title of ESFL League Champion 2006.

At the same time the Beach Bowl will start on the other pitch(es). The Thespians will be part of that tournament.

Can everyone get there between 10 a.m. and 10.30 a.m please?

Due to it getting dark quickly this time of year – and there being no floodlights – we need to be prompt with starting games. If you are late your team will have to forfeit – so no slacking!

Don’t forget to bring food, money, water, warm clothing and enthusiasm!

Here is the venue address:

Six Villages Sports Centre
Lime Avenue
PO20 3UE

Click here for a map. Click on the zoom out button if you don’t know where that is. It’s basically just north of Bognor.