Vote for Pete!


Time to put Pete ‘Man of’ Steel into the Hall of Fame!

It has become a tradition within the league to honour the great contributors to our game in an annual induction into the ESFL Hall of Fame. That time is upon us once again and I’m pleased to say that Pete has been shortlisted again.

Pete reached the final stage of voting last year, narrowly missing out to former Chichester QB Nick Watson. This year Pete joins the illustrious company of the following nominees:

Richard Cleveland (current ESFL Chairman, Bournemouth Raiders)
Justin Handley (former Shark, current Baba/’player’ for hire)
Dayle Kirby (Barbarians)
Ty Metcalfe (Voodoo)
Alan O’Sullivan (current ESFL Treasurer, Leicester Eagles)
Pete Steel (Chichester Sharks)

Only TWO from the above group will make it into Hall of Fame this year. So make sure you VOTE FOR HIM NOW!!

Don’t forget, you need to be registered and logged in to see the voting buttons. Register today – it takes no time at all.

Here is my nomination for Pete:

I would like to nominate Pete Steel. Having been in the league since 2002, I’m having a guess but i suspect Pete must be the league’s all time receiving leader for whatever category you care to look at – certainly for TDs.

Partnering with ESFL Hall of Famer Nick Watson for the early years and more recently Neil Henderson, Pete has been a consistent scoring threat for the Sharks.

His ability to score goes beyond the domestic game, as proved during his international performances.

He was also a shortlisted finalist for last year’s Hall of Fame.

Seconded by Ty Metcalfe from Voodoo:

I would like to second any motion to induct Pete Steele into the Hall of Fame. Having played with Pete in the Flag World Cup I have seen him play at a very high level. He has also represented GB, and is ever-present on the domestic front. His stats speak for themselves. His approach and attitude to the game is exceptional and mirror his talent level.

Plus from Justin Handley from the Barbarians:

I have voted Pete in every year and so the trend follows. He really is a superb player and sportsman, his attitude and determination make him (in my opinion) the best receiver in the flag league. Having had the pleasure to play with and against him, I can tell you that him remains to be the most awkward ******* to cover in the league. Love you Pete, keep up the good work bro.

and Richard Cleveland, ESFL Chairman:

Pete Steele…always the Offensive player to allocate 2 Defensive Backs to.

and former Sharks QB, Nick Watson:

Pete Steel – for all the reasons provided by Jut, ty and Gary.

and former Sharks defender, Sean Scutt:

(My) vote goes to Pete Steel – everything thats been said about pete so far is true, we all know he’s a deep ball threat but he makes the really tough grabs too, i’ve played with him and against him and he’s made me look good as a qb in training and look bad as a db as well. it’s even got to the point were you just have to wrap him up sometimes to stop him. no offence mate, you deserve this.

Useless Trivia Question

We’ve made it to the big time, fellas.

We’re obviously so famous that we’re now the answer to a Trivia Question –

‘In sporting terms, who are the Sharks?’

(scroll to the bottom of that page)

OK, so we’re not alone in sharing that honour but it was nice of someone to think of us 🙂

It won’t be long before the record number of TDs caught by Pete in one season becomes the £250,000 question on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’

Turkey Bowl (West Ruislip) – Review

The (likely) final tournament to be held in West Ruislip, saw some great football but very, very bad weather. The Sharks had the misfortune of kicking off their first match against Voodoo in a torrential downpour, which pretty much set the tone of day and kept us wet and grumpy too.

The London Liberty, who hosted the tournament, are soon to be posted back to the States and so wanted one last home tournament before they swapped the drizzly grey skies of the UK for the glorious blue skies of Florida. They pretty much wanted to kick our butts too, which they managed to do going unbeaten on the day.

There was no G-TV camera crew available for this tournament so I don’t have the luxury of giving you a blow by blow account of our fortunes and misfortunes. However, what I can tell you is that I was pleased that we could yet again enter two teams in a tournament – still the only team able to do that on a regular basis.

I’m sure all you guys on the Thespians see the value in getting significant game experience – the wins did not come this time, but there was plenty of evidence that you guys played hard despite the difficult conditions and I’m sure success will follow next year.

Likewise for the somewhat depleted Sharks teams, we didn’t have to attend Sunday but we fielded a team and put in a good showing despite the rain. The results would have been even better if not for the highly dubious TD from Devon…but lets not get into that again…!

Here is the final table from the day (waiting on actual scores):

1. Liberty…………5-0………100….18
2. Dogs……………3-2-1…….31…..33
3. Team Voodoo……2-2-2…….88…..47
4. Sharks………….2-2-1…….42…..39
5. Reading…………1-3………12…..72
6. Thespians……….0-4……….0…..64

It was an odd format on the day (Double Elimination), which I don’t think was particularly popular, hence the varying number of games per team.

The good news – Sharks qualify for the Final Four!

Our overall record on the year puts us in 3rd place in the league standings. This means the semi final draw is as follows:

Chichester vs London
Leicester vs Barbarians

The winner of each game will play in the final for the title of League Champion.

The finals are to be played at the Beach Bowl on the 17th December in Westgate. The Thespians will also be involved in the separate tournament for all other teams attending on the day.

Well done to everyone who played on Sunday. Hopefully see you all at training this week. Please feel free to leave your comments on Sunday below.

Ruislip Tournament – Sunday

This Sunday is the penultimate tournament of the 2006 season. The tournament is to be hosted by London Liberty at West Ruislip.

It kicks off at 11 a.m., so we’d need to leave the car park at 8.30 a.m.

Please let me know here, text or email if you are coming or not – plus if you are able to drive.

I must know numbers asap so let me know as soon as you know.


G-TV Presents…Chichester vs Chatham

OK, so it took a while, but one small cable off ebay later, I’ve finally been able to edit the first video from the Halloween Bowl – Chichester vs Chatham – the battle of the Sharks (though we know is the original…).

For the first time I left every play in there – so you can watch the whole game uninterrupted. It has bit of everything, 3 scores on O and great D – check out how few completions they make – great work guys.

Here it is.

The rest will have to wait until I’m back from the Big Apple. Go Bears!!

Next Tournaments

There are two tournaments left this season and we would like to send 2 teams to both.

The first is in TWO weeks time on the 26th November in Ruislip, London.

The second is the Beach Bowl Finals in Westergate on the 17th December. This tournament is not just for the Final Four teams, there will be another tournament running alongside, which the Thespians can enter.

Please ensure you are available for both dates.

Team Roster Update

I’ve updated the Roster page to reflect the many recent additions to the Thespians and the return of JP to the fold.

Check it out here

EDIT: Unfortunately, Luke Nash broke his knee cap on Sunday, in a collision at training. He’ll be out now for 8 weeks, which will end his season. Hopefully, he’ll be ready to go for the Thespians at the first tournament of 2007.

Road to Final Four – Update

Here is an update from the league on the Final Four…

Following the Halloween Bowl, the top four look to have cemented their positions in the Final Four end of season English Championship. Only the London Liberty emerged from the tournament with more wins than losses, though they remain in second place behind the Leicester Eagles who went 2-3 at Halloween Bowl. Leicester still lead the way with a win/lose % of 76.

The Barbarians had to pull out half way through Halloween Bowl due to be short of players after injury, and went 0-4, and dropped from 3rd to 4th in the overall league standings. They have been replaced in 3rd place by the Chichester Sharks.

Team Voodoo and the North Devon Dogs still have a shot at a Final Four place and will have to perform at Turkey Bowl, and rely on the Barbarians to slip up.

Tie break procedure

Final positions in the league will be:

1. Win/lose percentage
2. Win/lose percentage in games between the tying sides
3. Average points scored in all games
4. Average points scored in games between the tying sides

Interestingly, the Babarians’ drop, whilst moving us up the table, actually means we are now on target to play London Liberty in the Semi final of the Final Four! 4th place would give us a match up at the Eagles.

All to play for at the penultimate tournament at Ruislip on 3rd December.

Note: the Ruislip tournament was due to be played on the 26th November – it has now been moved back to 3rd December.

Thespians Match Report

Following their good showing at the Voodoo tournament this past weekend, Thierry has written a match report for their four games.

From the Spinning Frenchman himself…

‘Hello sports fans. On Sunday 29th of October the new Thespians team played their best tournament result so far. Scoring two touchdowns and winning a game (granted the win was by forfeit) but it’s the win that counts; we also had a tie against Voodont – who went on to win every other game they played up until Voodoo, but I don’t know what happened there. The grounds for the tournament where brilliant, there were changing rooms, toilets, somewhere to buy food and a place to stock up on football gear from MH football shop, which had a table beside the grandstand. It was by far the best organised tournament I had seen, with the team captains getting a ‘team managers brief’ and a list of the games the teams had to play.

The game against Voodont was also where we scored our first touchdown from a beautiful interception from our quarterback Thierry. He made the interception back behind our safeties and ran it up the field for a touchdown, dodging the Voodont offensive line with what he likes to call ‘that spinny thing’. The game continued to go well for us, holding off a number of tries to get in our endzone. And it wasn’t until the dying minutes of the first half where a mixture of talent and our over confidence let the Voodont score their first touchdown of the day. The score for the game ended 6-6, our first draw and points on the board this season – go Thespians!

Our second game was against the Dogs, where we did our best to hold off an experienced team with our less experienced team. With some good defence from our front line all lining up on the seven yards to confuse the Dogs as to who would blitz the quarterback with Jamie and Rob doing their best to sack the Quarterback.
Unfortunately it was to no avail, but this did provide us with a confused opponent making them easier to predict.

With the offence providing steady ground making from Garfield and Lambo and the running of Nash and not forgetting the great performance from Toby, who even had time to juggle the ball for one pass, we made it close to the end zone. With Garfield on the left and lambo on the right Thierry throws his pass and unfortunately due to a cock up on someone’s route the ball was fumbled – you know who you are! In the end we only let in two touchdowns the final score was 12-0.

Due to the Barbarians pulling out of the tournament we no longer had to play them, which put us in high spirits, giving us a win on the score board. We beat them 14-0 according to the board, which was just perfect by us.

For our final game of the day we played the Voodoo. In the opening minutes of the game we had a touchdown scored against us by Speedy Gonzales himself, number 88.
We were going all guns when Thierry gets another great interception and as he runs, he gets tackled and falls to the floor in a gangly mess. Lambo and Mike carry our injured captain to the side lines, where he had a bit of a sit down. Lambo picks up where Thierry left off and throws a beautiful pass all the way down the field for Luke, who unfortunately missed catching the ball by a hairs breadth (please remember running’s good, catching is better). Lambo throws again and after making our way to just outside Voodoo’s well defended end zone, he managed to get a short pass to Garfield just inside the line(nice hands Mr Garfield). We then held them off for another two drives, but when the final seconds came a calling the Voodoo sent another ball 88’s way. Mike, from the other side of the field, runs and slides to catch his flags before the whistle blows – hell yeah. Final score 20-6 to Voodoo.

Thanks to all the Thespians for an incredible performance and high spirits for the whole day. And if the Thespians keep up this talent, hell, we might even give the Sharks a run for their money – oh and well done Ewan for not getting hit in the face!’