Voodoo Halloween Bowl – Results

Well done guys, for a fantastic effort on Sunday. The results may not have gone our way, but I saw a great determination and commitment from both teams. And it was a lot of fun!

There were a lot of positives to take from the day:

1) we entered two teams. This is impressive in its own right. Very few teams in the league are able to field the number of players we have on our squad. I’m very pleased to see how our team has grown this year. It was only 10 months ago that our squad numbers fell to 5-7 players. We were faced with the prospect of the team folding, but strong recruitment efforts – through word of mouth, in the papers and on the web – has built our squad up to 20+.

The reward was evident on Sunday as we field two full strength teams. I’ve never known us to have to take 7 cars to a tournament before.

2) the Thespians broke their duck! In an excellent first game, the Thespians started strong with a interception by Thierry who returned it for a touchdown! Unfortunately, Voodoo were able to respond with a touchdown of their own for a 6-6 tie. This game demonstrated just how far the team has come – you all played hard and deserved the result.

To cap it off, the Barbarians had to forfeit their match, so strike that up as the first victory for the Thespians of 2006!!

3) Michael excellent tackling – you’re consistently making the stops

4) Thierry, well done on stepping in to play QB and well done too to Lambo for taking over the reins once Thierry went down with an ankle injury. You both played well.

5) All Thespians, be proud of your performance on Sunday. I saw tackles being made, interceptions, and quick blitzes on D and good catches and throws made on O.

6) Well done Sharks receivers getting open when we could against some very tight defenses. Good catches from Pete, Ben, Matt, Andy and JP (welcome back!)

7) likewise for Neil – you seemed to be running all day – some nice throws

8) Sharks D, it was a tough day for you. The Mayhem game was a nightmare for everyone, but you still kept going. You were outstanding in the London Liberty game – to hold them for a 0-0 draw is very impressive.

For reference, here are the results of the tournament:

Group A

Team Voodon’t 6 Thespians 6
Dogs 0 Team Voodoo 19
Barbarians 0 Team Voodon’t 6
Dogs 12 Thespians 0
Team Voodoo 6 Barbarians 0
Team Voodon’t 6 Dogs 0
Thespians 6 Team Voodoo 20
Barbarians 0 Dogs 14 (forfeit)
Team Voodoo 26 Team Voodon’t 13
Thespians 14 Barbarians 0 (forfeit)

Group B

Chichester 21 Chatham 0
Liberty 14 Eagles 7
Mayhem 50 Chichester 12
Chatham 2 Liberty 28
Eagles 8 Mayhem 24
Liberty 0 Chichester 0
Chatham 0 Eagles 14
Mayhem 16 Liberty 0
Chichester 0 Eagles 14
Chatham 0 Mayhem 36

Quarter Finals

Team Voodon’t 6 Eagles 0
Liberty 6 Dogs 0

Semi Finals

Team Voodoo 18 Team Voodon’t 7
Mayhem 21 Liberty 6


Team Voodoo 6 Mayhem 14

In the next few days I hope to update the league table to reflect the results. Despite the 2 losses, the Sharks are still in contention for the final four. What’s interesting is that the Barbarians finished with 4 losses on the day, which is going to severely hit their win percentage – to the point where the Sharks will have overtaken them and moved into 3rd place.

Things that amused me Sunday:

* Adam breaking up a key pass with his rib cage. Way to take one for the team, Adam

* Andy streaking down the sideline for a big gain – TWICE – as a receiver

Things that made me go OUCH Sunday:

* Thierry hitting the floor with a swollen ankle

* the stud marks from my boot on the Leicester QB’s shin/foot on a sack (actually I think that made him go OUCH more than me)

* the 3 cramps in my calves, plus the one in my left hamstring checking for grass on my shoe coming into the house

* the draw! How did the Sharks manage to get the US Navy, the US Airforce, the English Army and top of the table Leicester in their group?? OUCH!

There is a fair amount of video of both Sharks and Thespians. I’ll try and get some editing done soon and add it to the site.

If anyone else has anything to add about the day, please feel free to do so using the Comment link below.

See you all Sunday for training!

Voodoo Flag Football Tournament – Sunday 29th Oct.

Here are the details for Sunday’s tournament in Andover.

The tournament kicks off at 11am so we’ll need to leave the car park at 9 a.m. This gives us enough time to meet up with Neil, get to the ground and have a warm up before the fun starts.

Teams attending (confirmed):

Team Voodoo
Mildenhall Mayhem
London Liberty
Chichester Sharks
Chichester Thespians
Chatham Sharks
Leicester Eagles
North Devon Dogs

Teams interested but not confirmed:

South Wales Rebellion
Fen Harriers
Team Berkshire

We will be entering 2 teams – line ups to be confirmed on the day. Please ensure you bring a white shirt and a dark shirt for games.

Also bring a few quid as there will be a £10 fee per team, plus a caterer onsite.

Those of you first-timers to competition days, bring food, drink, waterproof coat and a change of clothes also.

IMPORTANT: we need several cars to get us all there. Its only a 1 hour journey, so even the older cars should make it. Please do not rely on someone else to drive otherwise we may have to leave some behind – bring your car if you can.

Its going to be a good one guys, see you all Sunday!!

Current League Standings

As of 19th October these are the current league tables:

Due to an irregular number of games for each team, the positions in the table are determined by the team’s W/L/T percentage (PCT).

Prior to the final tournament of the year (Beach Bowl 17/12/06), the 4 teams with the highest percentages, who have played in a minimum of 3 ESFL tournament this season, will qualify for the Final Four. These four teams will fight it out for the league title.

Recent good results by the Sharks have kept them in 4th place and on target to qualify for the Final Four. However, good showings at Andover (Oct) and Ruislip (Nov) will be necessary to secure the spot.

Statistically, it looks likely that only a strong finish from the North Devon Dogs (and a poor one from the Sharks) can prevent Chichester making the finals.

The Thespians are looking for their first win of the season at the upcoming Andover tournament. Having been undermanned all season, the Thesps will welcome the recent influx of players to their team.

Good luck guys, there is plenty of football left to play!

Boots, gloves and shirts on ebay

If any of you guys are needing to top up on kit its worth taking a look ebay at the moment. They have loads of shirts from as little as £4.99/£9.99 and upwards. Might be handy for any of you new guys who want a white shirt for the next tournament…

Anyway, here are links to boots and gloves that you might be interested in:


size 9 £8.50

size 10 £10.00

size 9.5 £10.50

size 10 £0.99

size 12 £0.99


large £11.84

XL £10.00

Anyone want to play for England and Great Britain?

We have received an invitation from Dayle Kirby, who is involved with the England and Great Britain flag teams. It reads:

Hope to see you at the OPEN trials for Team England this Sunday in Tidworth. I’ll be in touch later with precise details about the venue and timings but we’re aiming for 12 midday registration for a 1pm start.

Please note that GB Lions Head Coach has stressed that Team England (and Team Scotland) will be the ONLY routes to GB selection for next year.

Future Team England dates include a training session on Sunday 12 November and game against Team Ireland in Dublin on Saturday 18 November.

Co-ordinators of Offence and Defence will be finalising the schedule for the day shortly, however, in keeping with the (kitted) National Programme, it is our intention to include three athletic tests:

*20-yard dash
*20-yard shuttle (>http://www.bafa.org.uk/html/drill_4.html)
*3-cone test (>http://www.bafa.org.uk/html/drill_6.html)

Even if you’re injured, please make a big effort to be there, as we’ll be doing a lot of technical work in preparation for next month’s game in Dublin.

The venue is OPPOSITE the Tidworth Oval (postcode: SP9 7SB). Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further queries: dayle_kirby@hotmail.com

There is a posibility that a few Sharks will be attending – Pete, Neil and Ben have all attended in the past. If you want to go then please feel to contact Dayle for more info or speak to Neil, Ben or Pete to see if they are heading up there.

More info on the league forums

If you do want to attend please let me know in advance that you will not be attending training.