Season Update from the League

Recently the league reviewed the currently state of the standings on the league website. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is in full:

Road to the Final Four

24th August 2006

After eight months of the 2006 ESFL season, the road to the Final Four is now becoming clearer. With teams needing to play in three ESFL qualifying tournaments to become eligible for the “Final Four” tournament, we now have six qualifying sides, with the prospect of at least two more (North Devon Dogs and the Chichester Thespians) becoming eligible over the coming weeks.

The top four sides from the qualifying sides will then proceed to the Final Four competition where they will playoff for the ESFL Championship at Beach Bowl VI on Sunday 17th December in Southampton.

Leading the way, and pretty certain now of a place at the Final Four competition, is the Leicester Eagles who have won 13 from their 16 matches to give them a very impressive 81% win/lose ration. In second place are the London Liberty with a 73% ratio from 17 matches. The Liberty also have a very strong chance of making the final four.

Currently in third place are the Barbarians, competed in their third tournament of the season at West Sussex last weekend and have a ratio of 71% from their 12 matches. The final place is currently occupied by the Chichester Sharks with a 61% ratio from their 19 matches.

Team Voodoo, who have played at every tournament this season, are fifth place but hold just a 25% winning ratio, and the Bournemouth Raiders bring up the rear with just one win from their 9 matches. The only danger to the Chichester Sharks and the Barbarians appear to be the North Devon Dogs who hold a 56% winning ratio from their 8 games, but crucially they have only competed in two tournaments so far this season. That should all change next month when they host Dog Bowl II in Barnstaple, where they will join the list of qualifying teams for the Final Four.

The last qualifying tournament for the Final Four is expected to be Turkey Bowl II on the 26th November in Ruislip, and following this tournament the schedule for the Final Four competition will be announced.

So good news for the Sharks. We currently occupy the last slot in the final four – so we just need to keep playing well and keep ahead of the Dogs.

Live Fantasy Draft

For those that are playing fantasy football this year, the Draft is upon us. Wednesday night at 6.45pm you all need to be sat in front of your computers ready to make your selections.

If you haven’t taken a look yet, you’d better pull your finger out and get reading about how the draft works. Basically, the order of who picks when has been determined randomly by Here are the positions of the first round picks for Sharks players:

2nd. Matt (Matt’s Team)
5th. Neil (Highland Warriors)
6th. Felix (Hardstyle Packers)
7th. Jon (Bognor’s Peppered Fish)
8th. Gary (GB Spartans)
12th. Steve (America’s Team) (Cameraman and Honorary Shark)

Depending on position we each make our first pick. Once the 12th selection has been made, the order snakes around, so the person picking 12th also gets the 13th pick. The person picking 11th, gets the 14th and so on. It continues snaking round like this until all the picks are made.

Don’t forget to check how many players at each position you need to pick. Check the rules.

Once the draft is over, you can start tinkering with your team ready to start your opening game of the season – which don’t forget starts on Thursday 7th September this year.

See you in the Draft room tomorrow.

P.S. For the benefit of those not playing but may be interested in seeing how everyone got on, i’ll add everyone’s roster after the draft.

Tournament Results


Man, that last game was tense! I’m still buzzing from it the next day. What a way to beat the Babas.

I watched the tape last night, and guys, that last drive of ours was perfect. Good play calling Neil, good choices, well done all receivers for catching everything and a huge back slap to Ben for a great catch over the Baba defender’s head for the TD. We pulled it out the bag when we needed it most.

Which leads me on nicely to the D’s ‘Last Stand’. Well done guys, goal line stands in flag are next to impossible, but you stopped them again and again. Dayle was on fire on that drive. The QB went to him on every play and he caught them all, running and sprinting all the way down to our 5 – but no further. A great bat down from Andy in the corner springs to mind. As does the crunching ‘tackle’ from Adam!

Well done all, it was a great game. And despite the Liberty game, it was a great tournament. We all played well. 3-1, not a bad result, and it certainly helps us in the league standings.

Now a word or two about the Thespians. I think you all showed balls yesterday just by turning up to compete. You knew you would be playing some good, experienced teams and you volunteered anyway. You all showed progress too. I remember one drive you had where you put it all together and moved decisively downfield, everyone catching, everyone running their routes, only to fall short of the endzone by half a yard. Next time you bang it in.

I do have plenty of video highlights from yesterday, but as I am off on holiday Wednesday I may not have time to do them before I go. I’ll sort something on my return – the same with a newspaper report.

Here are the results and standings on the day:


Sharks 27 Thespians 0
Barbarians 40 Thespians 0
Liberty 26 Voodoo 0
Sharks 19 Voodoo 6
Barbarians 7 Liberty 7
Voodoo 26 Thespians 0
Liberty 37 Sharks 6
Barbarians 19 Voodoo 14
Liberty 29 Thespians 0
Sharks 7 Barbarians 6

Final Standings

1st Liberty (3-0-1) points for: 99 / points against: 13
2nd Sharks (3-1) points for: 59 / points against: 49
3rd Barbarians (2-1-1) points for: 72 / points against: 28
4th Voodoo (1-3) points for: 46 / points against: 74
5th Thespians (0-4) points for: 0 / points against: 122

Well done guys. I won’t be at training on Sunday, but it’s still on. I shall see you in a fortnight.

P.S. Those playing fantasy football, don’t forget to read the rules and rank your players before the draft!

Fantasy Signup Time

For those playing in our fantasy league now is the time to join! (do it now – places go quickly)

Go to and register.

If you have any difficulty with the State field on the form, just select Military Europe – stupidly there are no other countries listed.

Then use the drop down box to find our league – select the date option 8-30-06. This will bring up the live drafts happening on the 30th August. Go through the list and find the league called ‘International Fantasy League’. Click to join.

Now all you need to do is read how the league works – particularly the live draft.

Remember you need to be sat in front of a computer to slect your players on Wednesday August 30th at 6.45pm. Don’t be late!

Sunday Tournament

Hi All

Here are the details for Sunday:

It’s at –

Six Villages Sports Centre
Lime Avenue
PO20 3UE

For anyone that doesn’t know, that’s just North of Bognor – between Bognor and Barnham.

It starts at 12 noon (but check back here before Sunday as there has been a request to start it earlier at 11am).

Rather than meet at the car park like normal lets just meet at the Six Villages Sports Centre at 11am. This gives us time to warm up and do a little practice.

If you need a lift let me know here or by text or email and I’ll see if I can find someone to pick you up.

See you all on Sunday!

Fantasy Football – Live Draft – URGENT response!

Okay, for all of you that are interested in playing fantasy football take a read.

The draft is live. This means we all sit in front of our computers and take turns picking our players. Unlike English fantasy soccer, only one team can have one player. This takes a couple of hours max.


There are 3 things for you to do today:

1) join up to NFL fantasy football. All you need to do is register at the moment. Once we have set the league up, I shall let you know which league you need to join (there are thousands listed)

2) let me know NOW if there are any of the following days and times you CANNOT do the draft:


Wednesday 30th – 6 or 6.45pm
Thursday 31st – 6 or 6.45pm


Friday 1st – 6 or 6.45pm
Sunday 3rd – 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm or 8.15pm
Monday 4th – 6 or 6.45pm
Tuesday 5th – 6 or 6.45pm
Wednesday 6th – 6 or 6.45pm

3) confirm here that you have signed up on – let me know what your team name is too.

That’s it. Lets get moving on this asap. If you don’t respond in the next 2 days I shall choose when we do it as we need to book a draft slot before they all go.

cheers all

G-TV Presents…

…the third video – Chichester vs Leicester.

Watch here

The frustrating thing about this game is that damned last second TD. Watching the game back, you can see that we had a strong 2nd half and if we’d just been able to make one or two big plays we would’ve had this game, I’m sure.

Nevermind, thats all in the past now. I’m looking forward to our next game in a fortnight!

Next Tournament – Westergate

The next tournament is on Sunday 20th August in Westergate, just north of Bognor.

It is being hosted by the Barbarians at the Six Villages Sports Centre.

We’d like to be able to enter 2 teams in this tournament but that really depends on people coming forward and supporting their team and teammates. Let me know here or by text if you intend to play. We need to know for sure by training next Sunday.

On that note, its vitally important that we all turn up for training next week as its our last opportunity to practice together and implement anything new before the tournament.


Injury Report

For any of you wondering, both Adam and Andy are fine after their collision today. No concussions but cuts in his lips and a headache for Andy and a multi-coloured shiner for Adam. But boy, will they both ache tomorrow!

G-TV Presents…(Part 2)

…and here are the highlights from the game against London Liberty.

Not so much fun to watch, but some nice catches, scores and tackles in there.

Watch here

I’ll get to the final game against Leicester shortly.

See you all at training tomorrow