2006 NFL Fantasy Football Challenge

For the past few years Felix, Neil and myself, along with a few friends, have entered a league in NFL.com’s fantasy football.

This year we’d like to create a private league, whereby we know all the other team owners – makes it a bit more fun and competitive!

Felix, myself, my brother and a friend of ours are already in, so we need to find 8 more team owners – anyone interested?

If you have not played before, it’s good fun and NFL.com’s version is one of the best out there. It’s completely FREE and you can do so much with it, it’s ridiculous.

It starts off with a draft. Unlike UK fantasy football, run by the newspapers and such like, only one team in a league can own a player. So there is plenty of competition and strategy to nab the best players. But who do you go for first – a top QB like Manning or a RB like Tomlinson?? Who will still be there by the time its your turn to pick again???

Then throughout the year you have to pick a team to play against your opponents – but what do you do when your top receiver gets injured, who do you trade with or is there a Free Agent you can pick up?? Will you win enough games to make the playoffs? And can you score enough points when it counts to win the Superbowl??

It’s all possible with NFL.com Fantasy Football.

Yes, it’s a little early – the season doesn’t start until September, but we need to book in a draft slot soon as it gets a little busy and we want to be able to choose the time and day to make our selections.

WARNING: This can seriously take over your life. You have to be checking your team on a regular basis if you want to win. Once a week might not be enough (I do it daily).

The worse thing that can happen is an owner starts a team, but by Week 4 can’t be bothered to carry on because he has lost a few games – so only sign up if you’re sure you can commit to a 16 week season.

No need to register yet – I’ll tell you where to go and what to do once we have created the league online. All I need to know now is who is interested?

2006 Fixture List

Here are the tournaments lined up so far for 2006:

30/07/06 – Leicester

17/09/06 – Barnstaple, North Devon

29/10/06 – Andover, Hampshire

17/12/06 – Southampton, Hampshire

Please ensure you are available on these days. For the Sharks and Thespians to be successful we need you all there, ready to play.

Team Fees

A couple of weeks ago we started to discuss the subject of a small team fee per player. This would cover some of the costs involved with running the team, such as buying the balls, vests, cones and paying for the hosting of this website.

It was suggested that each player contribute £10 each for this year. This will cover the costs Neil has already incurred to buy the aforementioned equipment and pay for another 2 years of this site running. Any remaining money can be saved for anything else we need to buy.

Andy and I are going to set up a club bank account, so don’t worry this isn’t going into anyone’s pocket!

We won’t force everyone to pay, but it would be nice if you could support your club financially as well as through your attendance and play.


Shark Photos & Update

Just to let you know I’ve updated the 2006 Roster, adding in mugshots of Adam, Ken and Ewan. Scanning the pictures it looks almost as bad as the FBI Mosted Wanted list.

Training is on tomorrow – should be another hot day, so bring the sunscreen.

Can anyone who is wanting to order a gameshirt please bring any cash tomorrow? Neil needs it all to place the order.


Fixtures Calendar – New Feature!

Never forget when the next tournament is ever again – with the all new Sharks Fixtures Calendar!

Yep, no excuses anymore – the new calendar (below and sidebar) will be undated on a regular basis to remind you of any upcoming events.

The great things is, if you take a look now you’ll see a number of tournaments already booked in. So grab a pencil and stick them on your Lucy Pinder or David Beckham calendar now… And never again will you be double-booked come Game Time!

See how good I am to you…

Edit – 28/06/06 – Actually you can’t because i took it down. Nice idea but didn’t quite work. I’ll add a much simpler version later.

Tournament Off / Training On

Due to problems with the number of teams able to attend the proposed rearranged tournament in Chichester this Sunday, we have decided to call it off.

At the last count we had to reduce it down to friendlies as we did not have enough teams to qualify for an offical league tournament. Then unfortunately, one of the remaining teams had doubts as to whether they could field a team, so we decided the best thing was to call it off.

The good news however, is that we get to train on Sunday!! Yay!

So no excuses of England victory hangovers – we’ll see you all on the field at 10.30am!

Tournament in Chichester


London Liberty are unable to host their tournament this weekend, so Chichester have offered to stand in as a last minute replacement host.

We are currently checking to see how many teams can make it. If we get enough we’ll host the tournament on our usual playing field.

So far we have Chichester, Voodoo and the Barbarians.

More details to come…

Chichester Sharks Store Now Open!

Eagerly awaited by the hordes of Chichester Sharks fans (okay, one or two of us maybe), I’m glad to announce the Sharks Store is now open!

It’s early days but we have a range of t-shirts, hoodies, retro tops, shorts and yes, even pants! So convince your girlfriend Xmas has come early by bringing home her very own Sharks Thong!

Just click the t-shirt below to enter the store:

Don’t worry, the store is safe to buy from as its protected by some very niffy security software.

Some of the items – i.e. those with numbers and names on the back – can be personalised so don’t forget to add your own details. Otherwise we’ll all be running around with my name on our backs and that will be just plain confusing.

If you have any special requests for slogans or designs let me know and i’ll see if I can put something together.

I’ve kept everything in the store at cost prices, so there is no profit involved. Hopefully that means they are cheap enough for people to buy.

Get your wallets out!

Current League Standings

As of 1st June here are the current league standings:

Due to an irregular number of games for each team, the positions in the table are determined by the team’s W/L/T percentage (PCT).

Prior to the final tournament of the year (Beach Bowl 17/12/06), the 4 teams with the highest percentages who have played in a minimum of 3 ESFL tournament this season will qualify for the Final Four. These four teams will fight it out for the league title.

The Sharks strong showing at the last tournament has moved them up the table and back into the race for the Final Four.