Next 2 Weekends Update

Right, a few changes to the plans.

Unfortunately, Brighton are unable to get a side together for a scrimmage this Saturday so the game has been postponed to a later date.

Consequently, this late change has meant we cannot switch days and hold training on the Sunday. This is because a number of people already made plans that cannot be changed at late notice.

OK, so when are we playing next?

Don’t worry, the next game is next Sunday. The tournie at Ruislip – home to the newly named London Liberty (formerly UA).

During the coming week I’ll post up travel details (any volunteers for drivers – need 2) once the kickoff time is established.

Players committed so far:


C’mon, who else is up for it? Text me or leave a comment here.


Shark Bowl?

Sean is in the process of organising the Sharks’ night out.

He suggests the 22nd of April for bowling at the Bowlplex at City Gate in Chichester, followed by food at the Smith & Western afterwards.

Can you let me know here or by email if you are up for this and whether you intend to bring your partner?

We need to know numbers pretty quickly for the booking.


What price would you pay to go to the Superbowl?

A grand? three? five?

How about 5 years in prison?

That’s exactly what it cost the brother of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Tyrone Carter. The guy had been caught driving with a suspended license and was due to report to prison on Jan. 6 for a six month term.

Except his brother told him the Steelers had a good chance of going to the Superbowl. So he went on the run for a few weeks, before turning up to watch the Superbowl from great seats at the 50 yard line. He also then partied with Snoop Dogg after the game.

Apparently the judge wasn’t too impressed and extended the 6 month sentence to FIVE YEARS!

He said after the hearing,”Even knowing what I know now, I would do it again. It was the greatest game in my life.”


Brighton vs Chichester – Scrimmage

On the 1st April we’re hoping to not look like Fools, as the Chichester Sharks play host to the new flag team from Brighton Tsunami for a series of friendly scrimmages.

The Tsunami are a University kitted team looking at the possibility of playing flag in their off-season. Organised by our very own Jut Handley (a student somehow??), the team will be visiting Chichester on Saturday 1st April to play a few games against the Sharks.

This is not a league tournament, just an opportunity for both sides to get some friendly game experience. It is hoped that if the day proves popular we can host regular scrimmages with our neighbours throughout the year.

For Shark players this is an ideal opportunity to run the new playbook in a game situation before we enter the next league tournament (anticipated to be in April).

Those who are able to play (note, this is a Saturday game) please register your interest here or at training this Sunday.

As this is only 2 Sundays away, it is ESSENTIAL that we have a good turn out this coming weekend for training, as we hope to be finalising line-ups and plays.

Sharks gone to the Dogs

No, not Devon, the real dogs…

Sean has suggested that we arrange a night out for the team – anyone up for it?

His suggestion was going to the Dogs in Portsmouth or out somewhere for a meal. And not just a p*** up either! Maybe even something where other halves could come if they want to (or if they exist!)

Post your interest below – preferably with a suggestion of where we could go and any dates that might be ideal.

Just nobody tell Jut… 😉

Take the W0nderlic Test

Those of you that follow the off-season of the NFL know that we’re getting very close to the annual Draft of top college prospects. Each year every aspect of the players are measured with meticulous detail – everything from the 40 yd sprints to number of bench press repetitions.

One other test they do is called the W0nderlic test, which measures the intelligence of players and their ability to process information. It’s out of 50 and very few players tend to get above the 30s. Its not uncommon for quarterbacks to score highly in the test, due to their need and ability to run offenses and read defenses.

The controversy this year is that QB Vince Young, one of the projected top picks in April, apparently scored a measly 6! Now this is not an incredibly difficult test – the questions range from easy through to complex, so even the most cerebrally-challenged jock should make it to 10.

The questions are kept secret but ESPN have put together a shortened 15 question version of typical questions. Even skimming the list I still managed 13 – so does this make me at least twice as intelligent as a top NFL QB prospect??

Where is my multi-year contract with $20 million dollar signing bonus?

Take the test yourself here.